Thursday, September 25, 2014

Naming Family Members at Dinner

Last night I went to bed at the same time the kids did - forgot to blog, sorry.

I'm not feeling great - congested head, nose, sore throat, sneezing, headache.. ugh!! I'm fighting it though.

At dinner tonight Judah pointed at Daddy and said, "Daddy" then he pointed at Sebastian & said "Sebastian" as best he could.. then he pointed at me & said "Mommy" & then Willow and said "Willow"! He just went around the table! He did this a few times! He also counted us at the table pointing at Daddy & saying, "one" then pointing at Sebastian & saying, "two". He kept coming up with 8 people at the table and smiling. He has been pointing at numbers and saying them correctly! Today he pointed at the 9 on the truck license plate and said, "nine!" He will point at the correct numbers on the clock and name them up to 10!

Aide called in sick today. Scott & I both woke up feeling like crap. Rainy day. By the time I was feeling well enough to get the kids outside it was late afternoon. Judah played in the mud - covered from head to toe. Even his underwear was mud-stained! That was the only piece of clothing that I couldn't get clean. Willow washed the child-size traffic cones as well as the side of the house. The 2 neighbor boys that Sebastian isn't allowed to play with stopped by. They've been doing that some lately - even though they are turned away every single time. They asked if Sebastian could play & I told them that he wasn't home. They asked to use his pogo stick & I told them no. By this time Judah had noticed that the boys were here & jumped up out of the mud. He ran at them smiling & saying, "Hey!!!" with his hands open wide. The 2 boys began backing up. When Judah got close the boys took off running away down the sidewalk! Judah chased them off! Judah stopped pretty quickly after the boys took off. When I told Judah we needed to go back he did, no problem at all. Maybe he chased them off on purpose? The boys had brought their dog with them. One of them yelled, "Don't get mud on my dog!!!" as he ran away in fear, haha.

While Judah was enjoying his fully clothed mud bath I tried to take his picture. "Cheese Judah! Smile for me Judah!" Usually I don't do this since he hates cameras, but he's been smiling for photos lately, so I was more hopeful that it might work. He wouldn't look up at me & had somewhat stopped playing. He was just rolling mud into a little ball in his hands. I could see that he was annoyed with me. I finally decided to snap his picture, and within that same second, he quickly looked up & threw his ball of mud, fast as lightning. He hit my phone dead on. I got a picture of brown with a bit of light shining in, haha.

In class yesterday Judah was presented with his non-preferred food at snack, as usual. When the teacher pressed him to eat it, he instead pretended to eat it, holding it up to his mouth & pretending to chew it. Then he began feeding the teacher! She of course had to pretend to eat it as well, haha. Nicely played Judah man.

Willow to Judah this afternoon, "What's the matter dude? Are you crying dude?" She had a few cute "dude" questions that she came up with, asking Judah them over & over. I asked her to use the water & clean the bottom of my shoe when we were outside. She said, "Clean my bottom? Okay." Judah & Willow played well together today.

At dinner Willow kept getting up & Judah would pat her seat and say, "Willow, sit down!" He told Sebastian "Wait!!" when Sebastian began to get up from his seat. Judah really liked it that we were all sitting at the table together eating dinner. His progress really showed during that time too.

Sebastian spent a couple hours working with Gramma today on Spanish & reading. He came home and spent another hour working on his homework here! Daddy helped him with that. That's a lot of work for a 7 year old!! He is showing improvement in various areas - which seems to be motivating him to keep on truckin'.

Judah went potty on his own all day long today! I didn't prompt him. He just went to the bathroom when he needed to! The only issue is pooping - I offered him a diaper when he looked uncomfortable. I said, "underwear or diaper?" He said, "diaper". He pooped shortly after & then went back to underwear. He sleeps in underwear too. Pooping is his only diaper moment now. I was feeling like crap all day - the reason I had forgotten to prompt him the first time. With no prompt, he just went on his own when he needed to go! After that I decided not to prompt anymore & see what happened. Total success! He headed to the bathroom when he needed to & did his business! I guess we should have tried that a long time ago, instead of fighting him to go to the bathroom when he hadn't gone in a while (and very likely didn't need to go yet). I did ask a few times during the day if he needed to potty when he looked like he might need to. He responded, "no" every time. Instead of urging him to go potty & carrying him in there I respected his "no" and didn't say another word about it!

Judah had one large bm.
Judah missed fish oil, beta, skin rash med not needed, missed iron-up.
He had vitamin b-6.

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