Monday, September 29, 2014

Nut-Free Frozen Fudge

I'd rather be internet shopping or crafting or watching a movie with my husband... but I feel it necessary to blog. I'll try to chop it short, because seriously, I'd rather be having an enchanted swim through creativity or a square piece of nut-free frozen fudge.

We had a fill-in aide today. She was a much different person than the usual aide, who just had to cut her hours in half due to school. School, a reason you can't ever get mad over out loud. The lady today got Judah out for a few hours.

Sebastian's teacher showed the class the new sentence for today. She had written it in black marker on a piece of notebook paper. Then she handed it to Sebastian & told him to put it in his backpack. Ha! A preemptive strike! No doubt she was predicting our usual after-class arrival to retrieve the sentence of the day. Sebastian tells me that during a part of class his teacher writes on a big piece of paper as she teaches (poster size). After she explains the paper she gives it to someone in class to take home. ? Mom pointed out something that was probably instantly obvious to her. If the principal isn't fluent in Spanish, how can she evaluate the teachers who teach the dual language classes? Hmmmm.

Sebastian spent half an hour writing his new sentence from class before dinner this evening.

We saw the principal when I dropped Sebastian at school. "Hi Sebastian!!" haha. I think we've made somewhat of an impact there, haha.

Willow drew a picture of me today. I'll photograph it and add it in here.

Sebastian took his first karate class tonight. His instructor is Brandon Barrett! haha. (My bros & I grew up with a kid who had the same name. The Barretts strike again!)

Sebastian came home in his karate attire. His brother & sister were jumping all over him, doing kicks & punches, they were so excited. Willow wanted to have her own "Willow karate" too of course. So she put on her blue polka-dot hooded jacket that I've been trying to get rid of since it's too small for her. She doesn't want to part with it though. She declared that to be her karate uniform, ha! Sebastian told her it wasn't a real karate uniform (completely predictable behavior). Before he could get that out more than once I told him in a serious voice that yes, that was her karate attire. Funny thing is, he didn't say a word about it after that, ha!! And now I'll never be able to get rid of that jacket.

On the way to school Sebastian was again nervous, as usual. His reason is always that it's a "long day" now. I explained to him that all kids have long school days. Apparently he thought that Meemaw & Granddad lived in a place where kids didn't have long days. He shared that with me next. I corrected him & added that kids there start school even earlier in the morning! (just a guess) That one totally backfired on me - Sebastian's response, "Well then I could get out at like noon!!"

I had kid folk music playing on the ride to school. It was a cd we've had since Sebastian was a baby. When Sebastian mentioned being nervous I told him to sing. I told him that singing helped. I just said that because I was singing at the time & it was the first thing that came to mind. Suddenly I hear him singing along, "Hey, hey little Liza.. oh my pretty lil Liza..." (music he'd never had any interest in before, haha!!) It was the sweetest thing ever and did actually mellow him out a bit!

Judah had no bm.
He missed fish oil, bethanechol (out), beta, iron-up (out).

EYE DROP DONE TODAY. After I did it he pushed me down on the couch on my back (the same position he's in when he does his eye drop). Then he took the eye drop bottle and pretended to give me an eye drop! When he was done he said, "All done!" and smiled. Then he said, "Good job!" and gave me a high five.

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