Saturday, September 6, 2014

Losing Our Marbles!

Sebastian, Willow & I went to 3 yard sales this morning. It was pretty awesome. They were all really good sales - one was a moving sale that was super sweet.

Items collected & purchased were
  • Items we really liked & could somehow justify buying.
  • Items that we actually had a legitimate use for.
  • Things we truly needed at an unbelievable price.
Notice I say "we" not I, because "we" came home with a Chinese Checkers game (I don't remember how to play that!!). The game is actually the top side of a lid that fits on a tin container. You can store your marbles inside when you aren't playing! Clever! So at least it's made in a way that gives us better odds of not losing our marbles. Did I mention that it came with no marbles? Really sensible purchase. So we've basically already lost our marbles.. obviously in more ways than one.

We also came home with a stack of dirty, kid size safety cones. These are basically just like traffic cones, but only half the size & come in a variety of colors. Sebastian wanted the entire stack - there were probably 40 in the stack, and they were good cones, thick & durable - so they were heavy. Someone else asked the price on them & was told they were already taken (by us). I told Sebastian that we could split them with her. What were we going to do with 40 safety cones?! I take that back - Pinterest would know! "25 Great Uses for Child Traffic Cones!" It's there somewhere I'm sure. Pinterest - you'll never throw anything away again, ever.

Sebastian, Willow & I were exhausted after digging for hours through 3 yard sales in 97 degree weather. I felt like I was covered in dust & sun-burned (thankfully I wasn't!). I showered as soon as we got home.

Later Scott took Willow & Judah with him to do the grocery shopping, while Sebastian & I had our weekly mother/son time. We went to the river. It was disgusting, so gross. We didn't stay there long. There were lots of people swimming & barbequing. Many kids were jumping off of a huge cement stone into the water. It was the base of a leg that attached to a huge bridge above. We found a park nearby & played. We explored the forest some - it was kind of scary though.. we didn't make it too far.

Scott called as soon as we pulled into our driveway. He was panicked. "There's a bee in the van! Judah got stung, multiple times!!" Add to this Judah screaming bloody murder in the background and I too was suddenly in a panic. He told me to get there right away. I didn't know what I was going to do to help this situation, apparently he wanted me to watch the kids while he searched the van for the bee, ha. I rushed to get there, halfway there he texts to let me know that Judah is fine. He texts again to announce that he has killed the bee. They were now on their way home.When I see Judah I immediately ask him about his "ouchie". He touches his cheek to show me. I see a tiny red speck on his cheek. I kiss it & he looks relieved, even smiling.

He wasn't stung multiple times. He wasn't stung AT ALL. I'm so relieved & very incredibly thankful. Thinking of him being attacked by a bee while strapped into his car seat, unable to run away, being stung multiple times.. not being able to talk & say what is happening.. that scenario breaks my heart into a million pieces. I'll be checking for bees in the van before the kids get in on a daily basis now!!

You will never find a person who reacts the way my husband does to bees. He'll suddenly break out with crazy dance moves, arms flailing, his legs turn into Pinocchio legs, his hands swat in all directions as he hops from one foot to the other, all over the place... I never know whether to laugh or be concerned.. I laugh, every time. I can't help it. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen!! Sorry Scott.

Scott said that he had been driving the van home when he heard Judah suddenly start screaming. He looked back to see a bee sitting on Judah's face while Judah was trying to swat it away (Can you imagine being strapped into a car seat with a bee sitting on your face?!?!!?). Scott grabbed our plastic cd case & threw it at the bee, ha!! The case shattered but the cd's survived. Scott pulled over, got Judah out & then the bee went straight for Willow! (or that's how he told it anyway) He got Willow out & that's when he called me, spreading panic quickly in my direction.

We survived the bee and the dirty river, although Scott tells me that people have gotten flesh eating diseases from hanging out in dirty rivers, so I guess I can't say for certain that we survived that one. I'm hopeful though. Judah's speck is gone & I was able to get in another shower. All's well that ends well I guess.

Scott's going to fill in the progress Judah had at his music & speech therapy here..

Today at music therapy Judah was very active and talking a lot more than he usually does at therapy. He interacted a lot more by jumping, dancing, kicking the drums, and playing the bells. At speech I could hear him talking up a storm. Afterwards Kimberly (speech therapist) told me that he is very engaged when using the ipad. She is still trying with books but when she brings the ipad out he starts talking a lot more and is much more interested in what it shows.

Judah had a large, mushy bm.

Judah missed nebulizer, fish oil, coconut butter, eye drop & skin rash med not needed, no iron-up, no oxy-mag.

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