Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I See Mommy's Bottom

Ugh!! I fell asleep with Willow & was late picking up Judah today. He was so upset. Willow & I ran out of the house so fast to get him that I didn't even grab shoes for her!

Judah went to the park with his aide today (the one near Sebastian's school). She said he got pricked by a blackberry bush & was very hesitant about going any further down the path they were on. It was a small path. He wouldn't go down small paths the last time he went with her. She told him everything was fine & he pressed on, very carefully. They came across a man with a golden retriever. Judah acted scared. Again, aide told him it was fine. The man asked if Judah wanted to pet the dog. Judah petted the dog - smiling ear to ear I'm sure.

I shared with J's aide the hugely optimistic thoughts that Judah's naturopath, who specializes in autism, had shared with us yesterday. She agreed with him. She told me, "I'm just waiting for the day he walks up to you & starts talking." She's lived in the autism world much longer than us. She grew up with an autistic sibling, and has worked with many autistic children. Then she talked about one of her heroes, a girl with autism, who one day got on a laptop at home and communicated something very simple to her family. They were shocked that she knew anything at all (crummy family obviously) and from then on this girl used computers to communicate with everyone. We are asking for an augmentative communication device from disability - a very helpful device that could likely move mountains as far as Judah's progress goes. It acts as a means of communication through computerized electronics as well. We still need the denial letter from disability & his pediatrician had to write a letter recommending this device for Judah's progress. Anyway, the girl I was mentioning above went on to go to college, was on Oprah & the aide thinks that this non-verbal girl (now a woman obviously) is working with Oprah to get her own television show. If anyone's got the power it's Oprah. Chris Rock once said, "It's Oprah!! Nobody messes with Oprah!!!" haha.

On the shameful ride home from picking up Judah at school (I was ashamed, not the kids), we stopped at a stop sign. Judah pointed at the sign and said, "Stop!!" I looked back at him and said, "Okay, now what?" He smiled big and said, "Go!!!!" Then he pointed at other stop signs saying "stop". While he was playing on a rug we have for the kids, he would press the red traffic light (it's a rug with roads on it) on the rug and say, "Stop!!" Then he would stop the cars he was racing. Then he would press the green traffic light, holding his finger down on it as he  looked up at me, waiting for me to say, "Go!!" Once I did, his cars took off.

This morning I tried to get Judah to put his socks on independently, no go. I put one over his toes & he pulled it up, but couldn't get beyond the heel- sometimes he can though. I helped him finish putting that sock on & handed him the other sock. I still had to put that one over his toes too, but interestingly enough he looked over at the sock he already had on, studied it for a few seconds, then tried to put his sock on with the same result as the other sock.

We've heard "I don't know" as his answer today when we've asked him what he is doing. That's happened at least twice. It's very clear. We ask, "Are you okay?" and get from him, "Yah." He was trying hard to follow the aide's directions when she asked him to put the cars in the bins (he doesn't hear the word "bins" often). He tried putting them on the train table and then he saw her pointing at the bins. He picked them up and put them in the bins!

Judah was refusing to go to the bathroom, laying on the kitchen floor holding onto my ankles with his head between my legs. He wasn't having a meltdown, just a comfortable (for him) refusal to potty. We told him it was time to potty - turns out he just didn't need to go. He wouldn't get up until the aide said (only one time), "We can go to the park after you potty!" He jumped up & was off. Although he went to his bedroom, haha. But he understood that they were going to the park. After he pottied he grabbed all the bags they needed and hugged & kissed me bye - he did all of that with no cues from anyone.

Judah also said, "Potty!" and walked into the bathroom. I happened to be walking down the hallway at the same time. I watched him from around the corner of the doorway. He went up to the toilet, flipped up the lid, kneeled down & took his Lightning McQueen for a swim. Well... we're getting there. I think he has pottied successfully at school every day. They haven't used one single diaper I've sent! He's also drinking the juice from the mandarin oranges (his non-preferred food at snack time). He's drank the juice 2 days in a row! Yesterday he had a tiny bite of the orange. Today he considered taking a bite of an apple slice at home, he was pretty hungry. He didn't do it, but I know he was thinking about it. We have to work harder on the food issue.

Willow rocked out some great original music on the 2 string guitar tonight. Her first song was something like, "I don't know... I don't know....". While I was trying to put her to bed she kept grabbing the guitar & playing. She sang another song, "I saw Molly's bottom. She doesn't have a diaper. She has pants." hahaaaa. Her songs are the best!

After Judah did his nebulizer he ran into his room jumping & dancing the whole way. He had much eye-contact with me around that same time & was talking very much (things I couldn't understand). I asked him what he had for dinner at one point. Maybe 20 minutes later he tells me, "Chicken. I had chicken."  I asked Scott later what Judah had eaten for dinner and he told me that Judah had eaten chicken! Judah's "chicken" is very clear, as is his "couch". It doesn't take him long now to enunciate a new word in a way that is understandable and often very clear. He had a whirlwind of progress today.

I feel the baby questions coming on. Sebastian learned today that the aide is pregnant. Upon finding out this bizarre (for him I'm sure) news, he immediately asked her if it was going to hurt when the baby comes out. Her response? "Ohhh yeahhh", obviously not the most comforting answer to give a 7 year old. Sebastian replies to her by bragging, "Mommy said it didn't hurt when she had a baby." Obviously it was the most fu**ing painful thing I've ever been through in my life. I honestly believe being on fire would be less painful. But I don't want my son picturing me in horrific pain, so obviously I didn't share details of my un-medicated birthing experience with him. As far as he knows Willow swam into the world, arising magnificently from the "swimming pool" I was sitting in. That's a really cool story, so I don't mess with it. :) We will undoubtedly be dodging more baby inquisitions in the very near future, sigh.

Judah didn't poop today. He missed coconut butter, stopped Colace (docusate sodium) today, skin rash med not needed, missed beta, iron up, powder b-6 (damn it!!!), & fish oil.

Did eye-drop.

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