Saturday, September 13, 2014

Judah First Day of School Photos

The kids were with Gramma/Papa today. Judah had speech - Scott took him. He said he heard Judah repeating nearly everything the therapist said! Judah's words are getting more clear. He was repeating us a lot today as well as saying words & phrases on his own.

I uploaded the pictures from Judah's first day of school. He was very excited to be going to school! As you can see, Willow wants to go to school too. In one photo they are both bending over - that was Willow copying what her brother was doing. She does that all the time. They both ran to the school & were eager to get in - you'll see them peeking through the door window in the last photo.

Judah had one big poop.
Judah missed oxy-mag & sleep med.

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