Thursday, January 16, 2014

Barbie for Karla

Sebastian asked me to write "Dear Karla, From" and then he signed his name. He picked out the green bow, figured out how to make it work & then stuck it exactly where he wanted it.

The big event of the day was definitely the Barbie for Karla. I called the teacher this morning to make sure this was okay (kids get suspended for RIDICULOUS reasons now a days, even Kindergartners). She said this was the first time a student had ever done this. She's been teaching Kindergarten for 20 years. She said for him to come to her and they would discreetly give Karla the gift.

I think those kids must be talking about getting presents a lot lately. Henry gave Sebastian one (his homework art, haha) and now Sebastian gave Karla one. Karla got a really nice one with some help from Gramma. Sebastian really set the bar. Karla told Sebastian that she had a present for him too.  Sebastian talks about Karla like he is smitten with her, and he keeps these conversations to a minimum. She must be very special. Gramma is dying to meet her.

On the way to school Sebastian said that he planned to tell Karla, "Check your cubby!" He said this in a loud whisper, it was so hysterical. The cubby did in fact turn out to be part of the plan, but it was the teacher telling Karla to check her cubby and there was nothing to be found in Karla's cubby. Sebastian did not understand why the teacher would do that. He hid with the teacher behind the cubbies. When Karla came over she received her gift. Karla told Sebastian, "Thank you" and gave him a hug. He was very happy about the hug when he shared this story with me after class. He said that was all she said, nothing else, that surprised him, haha.

Judah woke up in great pain during the middle of the night, crying out so loud that it woke me up. I gave him Tylenol and got him out of bed when I realized he was probably getting ready to poop. Two gigantic liquid poops later, Scott and I were wiping floors, bathing Judah, spraying air freshener, hand washing clothes, towels, changing our own clothes, etc. Sebastian was of course wide awake now, full of conversation & peculiar concerns.  I kept Judah home from school today. Fortunately his pain & pooping didn't even last until lunch time. This morning it was so bad I couldn't even take him with me to drop Sebastian. I thought he was sick. Scott thought Judah's system was just unclogging. I think Scott was right because Judah has seemed fine ever since the river of poop dried up.

We had planned on attending a play date that I could semi-comfortably take all of my kids to & one that also didn’t conflict w/our schedule. These opportunities are far & few between. Of course we missed the play date after the onslaught of poop puddles. We miss so many now that my friend’s kids look different when I see them!

The kids played outside for a while today. It was a nice day!! Willow wanted to be pushed around in the stroller (it's one of her favorite "ride-on" toys ??). I slowly paraded her through the yard & down the driveway many times. She held onto her purse & gloves the entire time! The gloves were actually Judah's Cars gardening gloves. But isn't that strange? Could she be the reincarnation of Jackie O? ;) Judah got on Willow's toy & rode down the driveway. This toy is basically a red seat with wheels. It's made for toddlers to sit on while using their feet to maneuver around. Judah was finally able to get this toy still enough for him to sit down on (this part is tricky!) and then he FLIES down the driveway, spinning too! Oh my gosh it was so funny. "Wheeeee!!" he said as he flew down a cemented hill on a toy much too small for him, a toy definitely not meant to be on hills, while spinning, holding onto the toy as best he could (no handles), feet in the air and no helmet on his head. He was going faster than Sebastian goes on most toys!! Judah tends to not engage in the daring activities. I'm pretty sure this one was a complete accident - that's why it was so funny. But he loved it! He didn't do it again though, haha. Once was definitely enough! I don't think he even got near that toy again, hahaha.

The kids all took a bath together this evening. I thought they were getting too big for that! Typically Judah and Willow bathe together, while Sebastian has an exciting shower/bath. Sometimes he attaches bath toys, buckets and what-not to the shower head, confident that his creation will cause the water to shower down in the specific way that he wants it to. It never works, but he loves it. Sometimes he gets in a big Rubbermaid tub and calls it his boat. His bath/showers are always long and loud, with his water brimming the edge of the tub. They are all at a place right now where they love to bathe, that's one battle we never have around here!!
Sebastian has been eating new foods very recently. Sometimes he says that he isn't going to eat it or that he doesn't like it. But ten minutes later that food has disappeared! And with no complaints! At dinner I told him I was giving him a burger & he ate the whole thing, no complaints, no comments. I had forgotten to add the word “garden” in front of the burger, oops. At lunch he ate corn tortilla quesadillas (just cheese). He’ll eat regular corn if he gets to put salt on it. We need to squeeze in as many new foods as we can right now. This could be a phase you know! He also discovered Sugar Babies today (my fault, my favorite). I asked him what he thought and he exclaimed, "I LOVE THEM!!"
Judah has been really verbal today. We watch SpongeBob on Nickelodeon. Today he repeated part of the SpongeBob commercial very clearly right after he heard it, "On Nic!" I'm talking crystal clear. I've never heard him say Nic. So then I reminded him of his Uncle Nick.. and kept throwing in the name Nick, hoping he would say it some more, no dice.
Judah has been throwing his hands in the air and saying, "I win!" a lot today. Usually he just does this when we are attempting to play board games. He usually "wins" three minutes into the game.
Tonight we were able to communicate verbally with one another much more than usual. This was right after Daddy had arrived home, which I'm sure was a big factor. Judah brought me down to the locked cabinet under the TV and kept putting my finger on the baby lock button. It's a new safety lock, Sebastian broke the last two. Sebastian has already figured this one out (I don't even know how to use it yet!). Judah wanted me to press the button. He said, "baby" and I told him he was right, that it was a baby lock. He said "Wubbzy", so I assumed that he wanted to watch Wubbzy. He was actually asking me to take Wubbzy out of the DVD player (in the locked cabinet). I realized this after I listed off a few other movies and he chose Cars. He doesn't like it when I play the DVR version of Cars, so he pointed to the DVD cases & said "red", because he wanted the Cars DVD (it's red). It took me a bit to figure that out! But it was very smart, he was letting me know that he did NOT want the recorded version. The DVD is different, it's different because it is RED. I said, "Oh you want the DVD!" and he told me "d" (DVD). These are all new conversation pieces for him, and to communicate in such a long stream of thoughts like that with him is absolutely unheard of. The rest of the night I was focused mainly on Judah (just flabbergasted by what had happened). He communicated a lot with me. He asked me to go outside & get the ball we had played with earlier, requested Wubbzy as the bedtime story, acted excited when I told him it was time to brush teeth (rare), and a few other things. Amazing eye contact, he was very focused on me as well.  He was so happy to show Daddy the Wubbzy book we have been reading all day. Really acting out the book makes it much more fun for him. And he remembers! He was doing some of that acting throughout the day & saying "sticky", a new word for him (from the book). He acts out scenes in movies as they play - so we should have figured this one out long ago. The same goes for repetition, he acts out scenes & says tid-bits of movie phrases because he has seen & heard them so many times! 

I do acting all day long- saying things that secretly direct the kids to do something they are supposed to be doing or intercepting the arrival of a bad mood. Total mind games, but they work & keep us all happy. I recommend these strongly.

Today Judah was somersaulting all over every foot of carpeting in the house. in the house. He is getting really good at it!

Judah's doc decided the new constipation med will be suppositories,  which we will cut into quarters. Sounds hard.

Judah has started saying "that way!!" in the car & pointing. He is telling me which way to turn. This is new.

Bash and Judah played trains and Angry Birds this afternoon. Sebash tried hard to talk to Judah. I had told Sebastian that I wanted him to play trains with Judah while I put Willow down. I told Judah to go play trains, he ran in after Sebastian but quickly came out looking disappointed. Sebastian had walked out ahead of him to go to the bathroom. Judah thought he was leaving. They played trains for quite a while. They were both quite verbal. Judah was the one who later transitioned the activity to Angry Birds. This is one of his goals at school!!

Today Sebastian was telling a story, Judah stood beside him pretending to tell the same story, using the same motions and some of the same sounds. Willow does this too! She stands in front of Sebastian though. Look at me!!

Judah loves it when his siblings follow his lead. While watching SpongeBob, Judah threw his hands up in the air and started singing along with the show. Bash and Willow did the same. Judah turned around to see this & was laughing pretty hard!

Judah had no Miralax or Benefiber today, just Vitamin D, probiotic & reflux med (still not getting any easier to give him). He has had so much diarrhea that he physically looked smaller this morning. Suddenly his perfectly round tummy had deflated. It was very strange! I took a picture.

Willow wanted me to cook her nuggets this evening while I was busy typing on my phone. Since I wasn't cooperating, she pointed my body towards the counter, then moved my legs one at a time in that direction, where her nuggets were. Hilarious!

Dad is here in 2 days. We are cleaning tonight.



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