Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sebastian's First Star Wars

Just a quick post tonight as I need to catch up on some other posts.

Pa Rock arrived around 12:30pm in a really cute, very small blue car. The kids battled for his attention. Pixie barked, growled, became affectionate, then barked anytime Pa Rock stood up. Judah somersaulted, flew & bounced everywhere.. hit Pa Rock many times & at one point somersaulted over Willow. Willow stared at Pa Rock in awe with her huge brown eyes, then stepped away to physically battle her brothers. They kids kept themselves in Pa Rock's view at all times. Sebastian showed him random items, even showed him a pic of Karla & threw out a lot of interesting conversation. The kids played air hockey in the boys' room while Pa Rock, Pixie & I watched. I never knew just how physically resilient my kids were until I watched them playing air hockey this afternoon. Maybe they were just toughing it out for Pa Rock's sake? Anyway, they maintained play together for probably longer than I have ever seen.

We also played bowling, because Sebastian remembered that Pa Rock used to be a really good bowler! Funny the things kids place in their memory. When Pa Rock asked about our truck Sebastian quickly jumped in and said, "Yeah, we had to take the insurance off of it." ??? Later I asked him how he knew that & through much conversation I finally pieced together that the insurance being taken off was the reason he couldn't ride in the truck any longer, thus making it extremely important in his mind. Sebastian also handed Pa Rock a tiny black & white photo shortly after he arrived. He & I had found this photo in the truck yesterday while we were cleaning it out. Honestly I had completely forgotten about it, but Sebastian had found it to be very interesting, and it was. Pa Rock didn't recognize it at first, after studying it for a while he came to the conclusion that it was a photo of some property Granddad (his dad) had owned near the river in Noel. It was then that I recognized Granddad's writing on the photo.

Dinner was Baja Fresh. I had forgotten how good their food is! And lots of gluten free options! Going out to eat is always a risk, there's never any way to predict the level of crazy or stress that is about to go down. Willow was so tired (no nap today) that she hardly spoke a word, but she definitely communicated through action! She dumped a handful or two of rice on the floor, and at one point when I was looking in the other direction she nearly threw her entire plate at me!! Scott grabbed her just in time. I expected to turn around and find her asleep, not about to fling a full plate of quesadillas & rice at me! She poured her carton of milk out on herself. The only reason I noticed the milk was because Judah had brought it to my attention. He had pointed to the puddle underneath Willow's highchair & said, "Oh noooo, water!" Judah got some throwing out of his system as well. He threw chips, crushing them into tiny pieces on the floor with his foot. He threw napkins. He threw a fistful of plastic silverware at the window. Pa Rock practically became Judah's security blanket not long after his arrival. Judah went into a panic anytime Pa Rock stood up and walked away. He chased him everywhere in Baja Fresh. Of course he ran through the restaurant on his own many times as well. He also said "hi" to half the restaurant, went up to one lady, petted her leg a few times & smiled. Thankfully she was not phased at all and smiled back. Judah would have escaped the restaurant had he been strong enough to push the door open.

We took Pa Rock back to his hotel, came home & put 2 of the kids to bed. Sebastian's "surprise" for helping out so much yesterday was about to happen! This one was HUGE (Daddy's idea). Sebastian is constantly asking if he is old enough to watch certain movies & typically our answer is "no". Tonight Scott let him know that he was old enough to watch Star Wars! Oh my gosh Sebastian was so excited! And added bonus, he got to stay up late, even later than his bro & sis! He actually ended up going to bed around 8:45 but he thought it was much, much later. :)

We just rented the movie Prisoners. Pa Rock said it was really good.

Judah updates- underwear most of the day (kept dry), but when he had diaper on was rarely dry except for waking up this morning. ?? He took vit d, fish oil, probiotic and his reflux med. We need to get red dye to put in fish oil. I think that will help him since it tastes good, it just looks yucky. He said "potty" first thing this morning when I asked him if he needed to go. And he was completely cooperative. He also said Pa Rock when I told him Pa Rock was coming today. He seemed to understand. He attempted to repeat MUCH of what I said today, especially if it had something to do with one of his favorites, or if I phrased it in a certain way. Tonight he was such a handful to get to bed, screaming & uncooperative & genuinely sad crying. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, it wasn't like him. When we finally got him in bed I told him that Pa Rock would be here tomorrow. Then he stopped. He was suddenly quiet. So I told him again & kissed him goodnight.

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