Wednesday, January 29, 2014

L-carnatine Deficiency - Vitamin Magic!

We just ran around all day.
Judah's doc believes he had an l-carnatine deficiency and thus the sudden unbelievable progress that began the same time he started taking it. The reflux med that he hates has been discontinued since his sleeplessness has been unaffected by it.

Folate and B-12 will be next. She spoke highly of Dan Dr's. We have an appt with the one in Oregon City soon. Insurance will not cover this though. She said we can get tests to determine other deficiencies (and prob allergies??). She said its very expensive. With what we have seen in a WEEK there is no absolutely no reason to not pursue this. We have to make that happen. We will start down the natural healing, inflammation, supplements road (that my friend has recommended to me forever). If anyone wants to help us figure this stuff out we will gladly listen! :) Whatever the challenges, we have to keep going.

My eye Dr is giving me different drops to help me see at night. He blamed the problem on my apparently freakishly gigantic pupils. He says my pupil size is one bigger than the biggest size on his chart. Maybe I'm a werewolf.

I sat with Judah in the van and told him about all of our food being on the porch because the fridge had broken. He understood, complete eye contact the entire time and a big smile afterwards. He thought it was funny.

Fridge man came and fixed the fridge. The cooling system in the freezer was covered in ice. He melted it off, was here quite a while, Judah was touching him periodically and trying to get around him to see what he was doing in the freezer. At one point a large metal bowl crashed to the ground - it had fallen out of the sink. I used it to mix brownie mix yesterday. Everybody jumped. I picked it up and later noticed that the large chocolate covered spoon was sitting on top of his tools. I snuck behind him and grabbed it before he noticed!

Phone dying and computer network has a bad virus.. Not good!!

Judah took all supplements - vit d, probiotic, l-carnitine and fish oil. Reflux med has been stopped per his doctor.   He also had 1 serving of Miralax and 1 of Benefiber. He had a very large bowel movement today, his 3rd day in a row without one. Doc has told us to do suppository if he doesn't go in 24 hrs and enema the next day if constipation persists. Do this until he can go on his own once a day. She said it will probably take 2-3 weeks. He wore underwear from 3pm - 7pm, no accidents, even pooped on the potty during that time frame!!

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