Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This day was pretty decent until early afternoon. By 4:30 I was slightly non-functional due to pain seeping into my head like an uncloggable drip. Migraine med didn't do much. Scott came home a little earlier than usual. I crashed in bed for hours and hours, getting up periodically, once to vomit. The next morning I woke up still feeling exhausted.. that entire day happened in slow-motion.

But what DID go right with this day was that Sebastian brought home a class photo, which showcased each child individually. He was in the center, his photo bigger than everyone else's. The first thing he did when he showed me this photo was point out Karla, haha. At least now we have a visual! Today he told me that Karla was the one who taught him to make the zombie eyes (he pulls down his lower eyelids and rolls his eyes back, it's gross). When Scott saw that Sebastian was showcased in the center of the class photo, he smiled, excitedly telling Sebastian how great that was. I quietly let him know that it was likely each kid was the center piece of their own class photo. But it was great seeing him so proud. :)

The atmosphere wasn't right to expect a lot of progress from Judah. We were home a lot. I don't think it disappeared though.

Scott is back at work - doing better, day by day. The antibiotic is helping. He will take it for 2 weeks. One of the first texts I got from him today was him asking how Judah was doing. He was excited about the stream of progress we saw yesterday as well.

As soon as the kids walked in the door when we got home from picking up Sebastian, Judah grabbed the big paint set in the laundry room. There is currently an art pile that has been dumped in the laundry room. This assortment of loveliness came from Sebastian's closet. We are going to make an "art spot", but for now the access to messy temptation is right at hand for them. The other 2 followed Judah's lead and suddenly they ALL HAD TO MAKE ART. I was glad to see them being creative & working together - but the working together didn't last long. Sebastian wanted to do some serious art while the other two were having fun, Judah slightly obsessed with the frog that drained the dirty water & Willow painting whatever she could reach (lately she is coloring the house too). Sebastian painted a piano. I asked him what the other painting was and he let me know that some art is just art, it doesn't have to be anything. He was basically explaining abstract art to me, haha.

Sebastian went outside hoping to find puddles to jump in (the rain has come in buckets lately). He worked hard to find clothes that he could get messy, got all suited up in his rain gear and went outside to find not a single puddle suitable for a good splash. Judah is also very tempted by the puddles. The cannot resist them.


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