Sunday, January 5, 2014

Change is Alarming.

"Mom, what are you doing?? You are going to get rid of my dresser??! What!?" says Sebastian in a very excited voice. My organizing is really throwing everyone off. Scott's reactions are hilarious & sometimes hugely irritating. Change is disturbing, but at least Sebastian thinks it's fun! I'm pretty certain he is the only one in our house who thinks it's fun. ;)

The new dvd system worked out incredibly well today. Since there are no cases out, there is no way they can be destroyed. Since the dvds are out of reach, there is no way they can be destroyed. Simple thinking. Unfortunately it took us years to figure this out.

Judah said some new words, Mommy & doggie. Mommy probably isn't new, but he is using it on a regular basis. He always says "dog". Willow says "doggie", so he is likely learning from her. The kids & I spent time playing trains in the play room (since we have space now!). Judah immediately started talking. He said, "More track!"when we needed more track. He said a few clear 2 word utterances. Attention, happiness, doing what he loves.. these are things that bring progress. These are the things we know of. I'm sure there are more.

Scott did grocery shopping with Willow & Sebastian today. Sebastian goes back to school tomorrow!

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