Friday, January 17, 2014

Still No Coffee

This morning I jokingly ask Scott, "Scott, you got the coffee going?", as if either of us does this every morning. He looked at me quizzically and said, "No". I walk away and Sebastian yells, "Scott DOES have the coffee going!! It was a surprise for you!!! I let people know surprises!!!"hahaha. He kills me.

This morning Judah ran to Pixie's cage and said, "dog!" Sometimes Judah's speech progress is pretty strong in the early mornings. He wanted to let the dog out (this never happens), so I helped him, hand over hand. He said, "barking" & "rain" appropriately this morning as well. I asked him if he was hungry & he headed towards the kitchen. He pretended to bite Sebastian and I asked him if he had a bite of Sebastian. He responded with, "Mmmm!!"

I cleaned out Sebastian's room today. He was very unusually relaxed about me throwing away the entire mountain of recycle he grows in the space between the foot of his bed & the wall.

I was able to get in an hour of one-on-one time with Judah during Scott's lunch. Scott worked from home today. We did a puzzle and he got the first two pieces put together - and I was trying! He was able to get a few pieces, but was not completely engaged, was pretty distracted. He helped with the final pieces and was very proud of the finished product. He didn't want to put it back in the box, so we left it out, sitting within our view. We got out one toy at a time & put each one away before we got out the next (except the puzzle). He picked the 2nd toy, which was Sebastian's electronic change sorting machine. He never gets to play with it but always wants to! We've been working on counting to eleven. I counted to eleven, counting one number with each coin I handed him. I asked him to repeat the number before he got the coin. Most of the time he didn't, but he started to near the end. At least he was hearing me count - that's helpful. We lined the coins up, counting as well. I also tried teaching him the name of each coin. I picked Mr. Potato Head next. Sebastian has a gigantic Mr. Potato Head filled with standard sized Mr. Potato heads & a few baby Potato Heads (a gift from Pa Rock). Judah knew exactly where all of the body parts went, had to practice pushing them in and was very creative in putting them together. With that we practiced body parts, colors and fine motor (pushing small pieces). He also had to make many choices - answering questions. I would love to have daily one-on-one time with him & be prepared with activities.

We started back up with the underwear today - Judah stayed dry all day!!!

Sebastian made his own lunch today, peanut butter & jelly, when he decided I was too busy to get it done quickly enough. He did a great job!

Pa Rock is here tomorrow afternoon!

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