Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pancakes, Pa Rock & Pretty Music in Portland

This morning consisted of pancakes, Pa Rock & pretty music in Portland. Sebastian requested pancakes & Daddy granted that wish. Willow ate hers at warp speed! Shortly after, Pa Rock, Judah & I drove to Portland for Judah's music therapy. It's been a few weeks since I sat in on one of Judah's sessions. Scott has gone the last two times & he didn't have therapy last weekend due to his tummy pains. I was remembering his first sessions with Angie & how I would get so excited when he would say a new word during his session, sometimes even two! But two was rare. Fast forward & I can't even count how many words I heard him say this morning, not all clearly, but we knew what he was saying. Huge progress, huge. And animal sounds! Now I know where he has captured so many animal sounds! They practice those there every week. Angie said his last session was a lot better, she was really wowed by him suddenly saying letters when they did the "Jazzy ABC's" on her I-pad. But today was unique because Pa Rock got to experience it as well. It's a pretty cool environment to be in.

Onward home & then to the Discovery Center with everyone. The kids had fun, they took their time a bit more than usual (thank goodness), which left them less than 20 minutes for playground play before closing time. This was awesome because it was chilly outside!! Sebastian finally started going down the tube slides, only because Scott braved them with him. Sebastian is always terrified of losing me in the play structure (this happened once). This is the first thing he thinks of when I mention the Discovery Center. Today I recommended a bright orange hat so I could always see him. He thought that was a great plan. Judah took a HUGE slam to the forehead when he was running in circles in the train room with the other kids. Part of the circle included ducking down to run through the area underneath the plastic bubble where they can stick their head up and see the train. He didn't duck on the way out & he was running fast. I heard the sound & instantly knew what had happened. Sebastian came running to me, "Mom, Judah got hurt really bad!!!" I ran to see him, dropped to the floor & held him. Scared me to death. He cried hard, but not for long. I couldn't feel a bump & didn't see a mark. Unbelievable. Before I knew it he was watching the train again, but was no longer running in circles, just standing on a makeshift stool to see the train go by.

Judah was saying, "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!" at dinner tonight. I don't know where he picked that one up. When we were winding our way out of the play structure at the Discovery Center, he spotted Pa Rock on the ground & said, "Look! Rock!!" Judah made sure everyone was together the entire time we were inside. He panics if someone is too far behind, yelling, "Wait!! Wait!!" and holding his hand out as if he is trying to reach them, haha. He was completely attached to Pa Rock again today. I asked him if he wanted to say goodbye to Pa Rock this evening and he gave me a "no". He had much time to reconsider, but he didn't! Pa Rock seemed amused.

Judah had vit D, probiotic, fish oil and reflux med. No time for potty training today. Very good mood, energetic, interactive & very verbal.

I'm also noticing that Judah periodically recognizes numbers & letters. I know this through him saying them - when this happens he is always correct. It rarely happens - but how friggin' cool!!

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