Sunday, January 12, 2014

Willow Gets Happy

Judah & I spent much of the day at home. He was laying on the couch most of that time. He is still drinking Miralax (twice today) and still trying to poop. Since this problem has started up again, potty training has been thrown to the wind. Judah wants to wear a diaper all day long, and understandably so. He has yet to poop on the potty & now would not be the time to learn. It's not just his stomach in pain it's also his bottom. I can barely clean him up because he is in so much pain when I try. I'm able to just gently touch him, but any more & he's screaming. Bathing would help but he refused to do so today. Today he ate 2 small bowls of applesauce and a small bowl of rice Chex. We couldn't get him to eat anything else.

Judah had ibuprofen twice today & Tylenol once. Since you can stagger the 2 meds we started the Tylenol - he needs it. Scott bought suppositories at the store. Laxatives are the next step but they don't make a kind you can crush or a liquid. Judah also had his daily reflux med this evening. He will start a constipation med tomorrow - a med he's never taken before. Maybe that will help things.

I got Judah to wear his eye patch for about half an hour today. I think he forgot he had it on when he was laying on the couch watching Geo Trax. That was the longest stretch of time he has ever worn it - nearly 15 minutes. He can wear it in increments throughout the day. The goal is to hit 2-3 hours in a day. Right now he still thinks it is fun. We've got to be careful & remember to keep it fun. Once it's not he'll likely never wear it again.

Scott, Sebastian & Willow shopped today. Willow has been in a chipper mood all day. She has barely gotten mad at me at all! That's rare. She's been sweet all day long! Earlier she started rubbing Sebastian's back when he was upset. She mimicked both of her brothers a lot today & repeated most of what Scott & I said to her. Tonight she stood on the "time-out chair" and started singing & dancing for Daddy.

Sebastian dressed up as a mountain climber this evening. He proclaimed that he was going to climb Mount Hood! He said, "I've even got a rope in my pocket!!", and pulled a bright pink jump rope out of his coat pocket. He's working on re-decorating the tops of the dressers in their room. He's enjoying the strand of Christmas lights Scott & I put up yesterday. I guess they went off at 7am this morning - so he knew it was time to get up! Working so far!!

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