Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Must Invite Scott Over for Jobs.

Scott goes back to work tomorrow, so the car seat covers had to get done today. After hours of Scott trying to get them on, I took a stab. I was much more successful, but it was hours for me as well. And they are in. I still have to get the seat protectors & kick pads on. Then I'll give Scott the sweaty job of installing four 23 pound child car seats (the heaviest they make) while maneuvering through the inside of the smallest mini van in existence. I can't even imagine how beautiful, yet incredibly dangerous, life was when people didn't know of child safety seats. Getting in & out of the car requires WORK for our family. Having to never install a car seat must have been a dream.

Judah had a good, verbal day. Sebastian asked questions at dinner about how to talk to Judah. Scott told him he could tell Judah "hi". Sebastian did just that and Judah responded back with a "hi". Scott told Sebastian to talk to Judah like he would talk to anyone, because that's how Judah will learn. Great advice, but the thing is, Judah was sitting right there when this conversation was taking place. Talking about him like he is not there is not something we want to teach. It's not okay. I don't know why we do that.

Sebastian was allowed to put a big, plastic storage tub in his bath tonight to use as a boat (no lid of course). He earned this by somewhat cleaning out his closet. He tried. Kid excitement filled the air the minute the other kids saw the boat invention floating around in the tub with Sebastian at the wheel. When Judah walked into the bathroom he went up to take a closer look at the boat & immediately took off all of his clothes. There was no stopping them.. and none of them wanted to get out, ever. It was a very long boat bath.

Willow likes to spit in my face when I put her down. She thinks it is the funniest event imaginable.

New Year's Eve night..
We watched the movie, Jobs. It's all about Steve Jobs. I made it probably half-way through. Scott seemed to be engrossed, like knee deep engrossed, in this movie. He would pause it to fill me in on what was happening in the world of computers at that point in time. He kept it interesting, very realistic & understandable for sure. I would recommend having a good chunk of computer history under your belt before you attempt to watch this very long movie. Or you could just invite Scott over, that would make it even more comprehensible.

When 11:47pm rolled around I said, "Shouldn't we watch the ball drop or something?" Scott responded with an, "I guess.." He obviously didn't want to shut off the movie for a countdown. We watched the ball drop with Carson Daly, as we do every year. After the countdown we stepped out on the balcony to catch a view of the fireworks, sputtering in the hills far away. We are happy to be where we are, fortunate, peaceful & thrilled about the future. Happy 2014!

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