Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bouncin' Out of 2013!

Today we hit up the Bounce House with Gramma (her idea). A fun afternoon of smiles, laughter and energy! The kids & I got our bouncing in for the year, that's for sure!! 

On the way home we stopped at Jamba Juice (Judah's favorite). Sebastian & Judah raced to the door. Judah had a very difficult time waiting for his smoothie, especially since we were watching other people receive theirs right in front of us. He laid on the floor, kicking, screaming & eventually crawling. He went behind the counter many times & was walking through small groups of people in line while we waited. It was hard. My eyes were on nothing but him.

Jamba Juice has some all-natural smoothies on their menu. These smoothies don't contain anything Judah can't consume (gluten, casein, egg). He consumes the heck out of the Strawberry Whirl. Sebastian & Willow love the Strawberry Wild. I tried the Strawberry Whirl - delicious!! Hard to put down.

Sebastian was elated that tonight was the night he would finally get to see his "baby stuff". Every time he asks what the mystery pile is at the top of his closet I always tell him, "Oh, that's just your baby stuff", hoping to deflate his interest & curiosity. So now it's called his "baby stuff". This "stuff" has been sitting on the top shelf of his closet, apparently taunting him for years. I first started the growing pile of baby stuff when he was one almost two (when we moved in). At that time he obviously had no interest in the top shelf of his closet. He couldn't reach the sacred baby pile & it was where I felt it should be, in his room. However, now he's six. And his closet is overflowing with EVERYTHING. You can barely close the doors. He can climb onto the railing of his bed & reach the top shelf of his closet. The baby stuff mystery wasn't going to last much longer up there. So tonight we took it down & slowly looked through it. He seemed to really enjoy seeing these tid-bits from his past. The art work he had done as a toddler was his favorite part. After finally being allowed to expose the mystery that is the "baby stuff", I think he will be much less interested in it in the future. The taunting is over.

Going through this "baby stuff" with Sebastian, Willow and Judah on the floor was nearly impossible.. "Nooo don't touch the ultrasounds!! That hand print is breakable!! Don't rip the card!!!!" Everything survived just fine & now takes up less than half of what it used to on his top shelf. It has all been boxed & bagged carefully..

We were talking about New Year's resolutions on the way home from Jamba Juice. I was hoping to get Sebastian to resolve to practice his reading or writing everyday, or perhaps to eat his fruits & veggies more often. My goal was somewhere along those lines. Unfortunately he announced that his resolution was to train Mommy & Gramma. Apparently he plans on showing us some new moves & being in "total control". I'm resolving to organize... And apparently to ensure that Sebastian never discovers Jillian Michaels!!

Judah had accidents today- I don't think we were taking him to the potty often enough & he just wasn't telling us or going to the bathroom when he needed to go. He did amazing yesterday - even had one trip all on his own!! For that he earned a brand new movie, the Smurfs (which they watched that night). I'm really glad we started doing the potty-training over winter break. It wasn't planned, but I would definitely recommend it! (Or any other coinciding break from work & school)


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