Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fresh Start!

There is a really funny line from the movie "The Other Guys" (Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg as cops). I can't remember which one it is, but something awful happens to him. When the other character sees him later he asks him where he's been. He says, "I had to go home & start my day over." hahahaa. When they disagree they learn to stop and agree on a "fresh start", disregarding everything that had just happened. I thought that was great. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could do that with your kids..

I really wanted today to be a fresh start, but that IFSP meeting last night just plagued me. Are their hands really tied? Is the therapy they are using common to be done at 20 minute intervals per month? Basically a lot of, "Am I wrong??" questions. But right & wrong is not the issue. He needs help & we need to do all we can. That's all there is to it. They said other people have challenged their system, after my mom asked them if that had occurred. I wonder what the outcome was for the people who continued to fight. I wonder what they went through. I applaud them & wish I could be there to support & gain support from them in this struggle to gain fundamental educational nourishment for our children. Our kids need help in different ways than the typical kid, yes, but that should not diminish the degree of assistance they are provided. It should enhance it. Why would we not do all we can? Are kids not the future anymore? And if so, I'm curious when that happened.

Sebastian had his snack day at school today. The kids sang to him in Spanish, thanking him for the snack. They do this every day for the kid who brings snack. We never knew this until our parent/teacher conference. Sebastian doesn't tell us much. I suppose that's just 6 year old behavior. At the meeting last night they told us that we were used to hearing about Sebastian's day.. we knew where they were going with this & stopped them short. "No, we don't hear much, if anything from him a lot of the time." No, we are not used to that & expect the same from Judah, sorry to smash one of your assumptions/attempts at manipulation. That was one was too easy.

Sebastian had his picture taken with Santa at school today. I'm excited to see the photo. He told Santa he wants Star Wars Lego. Scott asked him where that came from - Sebastian doesn't ever play with his Legos! Sebastian said, "Everyone in the class wanted that!" Oh boy. That's definitely not a habit I want him to pick up on. He's a unique & extremely creative child, so we were very surprised about the Santa situation. He creates more inventions in one day than I could ever keep up with. He is ambitious, bright, fearless & open-minded. I hope he never feels that he has to stray from who he is. We grow strongest when we focus on our strengths & our passions, not someone else's.

Sebastian quote today.. I asked Sebastian if his classmate Corey had moved. He said, "Yeah, he moved. He went to Oklahoma to live his life."

Willow was very sweet all day. Judah was upset, tantrumming on the floor in the bathroom over not wanting to wash his hands. Willow came in and said, "Judah!!!" and then motioned for him to come over to her. When he didn't come to her she went up to him and touched his bottom lip with her finger, which was covered in a lump of Vaseline. It was so funny!!! His expression turned to, "What is going on around here?!?" and he tried to rub it off.. which of course is not going to happen with Vaseline. She is so funny! Tonight she asked me to turn on the flashlight she was holding and then proceeded to open my mouth and say, "Ahhhh!!" as she shined the light into my mouth. Where did she even learn that??! We were both laughing so hard. I caught her talking to Pixie today. She didn't know I was watching her. She touched his nose and said, "nose", then she touched hers and said the same. She did this a few times & then gave Pixie a hug. So sweet.


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