Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hilarious Baby

Here are some little bits of Willow's day. She is such a serious little lady, but oh my is she funny!!

Willow & I went to $1 day at a consignment shop in town after we dropped the boys at school this morning. She was excited when I told her we were going to go shopping. "Shopping??" she said, smiling. She knows exactly what that means, thanks to Gramma, haha. We shopped for quite a while in the $1 day section outside. It was really cold & little Willow was being so patient, never once getting upset or trying to escape. She just wandered around and let me hold clothes up to her from time to time. I paid for our pile of clothes, and then we had to head into the toy room to return a baby stroller that Willow was casually attempting to push out the front door & take home. We looked around a bit and then headed over to the shoes. When I was ready to go I looked down and saw that Willow  was carrying a big stuffed animal dog with a matching puppy attached to it. This dog was nearly as big as her, but she was determined to hold onto it. In her hand she held a shiny pink purse. When I examined the purse closer I saw that there was a tiny puppy inside - it was a purse/dog carrier! Haha. I never even saw her pick this stuff up! Willow was very serious about getting her dogs home. She held onto them tightly. She calls them all "doggy". The entire way back to school I could hear her talking to her dogs in the backseat.

When we were outside looking at the dollar items I found a pair of polka-dot pink shoes. They were a size too big for Willow, so I held her foot up to the bottom to see if they would even come close to fitting her. They didn't. That made no difference to Willow. She sat down & began to take off her pink clogs with a very serious face. She reached up to me gesturing for me to hand her for the polka- dot shoes. She wore her new shoes the rest of the day. There was no smiling, but I could tell she loved them to pieces.

As we were leaving I tried to get a picture of her buried in her dogs as she walked down the sidewalk. I tried a couple of times. Every time she saw me holding my phone up she would set her big dog down and turn it to face me. Then she would step back, to be out of the photo, with a very serious look on her face. She wanted me to photograph the dog, not her, and so I did. Immediately afterwards she would say, "Look! Look!", grabbing for my phone. She had to see the photos right away.

I brought Sebastian's pajamas into the bathroom for him while he was showering this evening. Willow saw me do this. She then went to his room, opened up one of his dresser drawers and continued to bring him more clothes (all long-sleeved shirts). She would set them down in the bathroom saying "There.." every time. She went back to the bathroom at one point to grab a shirt she had left him, saying, "Sorry" as she took it back, haha.

Sebastian was yelling for me at the end of the hallway. I yelled back from the kitchen, "Yeah? Yeah??" and Willow bends over facing the hallway and yells, "Yeah??? Yeah???!" Later tonight she was yelling for Pixie. When Pixie did not come she cupped her hands around her mouth and started yelling louder, "Pissie!! Pissie!!"

Judah came out of class bouncing and smiling today. He told me a few words when I saw him, one was "ball". I'm pretty sure he was trying to tell me about his day. I asked one of the aides about his day and she said it was "wonderful". They never give any real clues, & absolutely no details. Then I chased the kids to the car. Judah was imitating a LOT today & did very well in his speech therapy. He was imitating words I've never heard him try to say before, like pickle.. ? It really felt like he was starting to talk today. He sat in the backseat and counted to 8 several times before Sebastian left the car to head to class this morning. We all sat quietly and listened. Sebastian said, "Judah's voice is changing!" Sebastian asked me questions about Judah's speech on the way to therapy. I think he finally really understood that Judah needs a lot of help with some things. After he was done with his questions he gazed out the window in deep thought.

Sebastian also had a good day at school. His class will be taking photos with Santa. The teacher has offered to burn Cd's for parents that want to hear the music they listen to in class. She is also the one taking the Santa photos.

We are currently in the midst of getting ready for our 2nd IFSP meeting (the other half of the 1st), planning a birthday party for Judah & Willow, Scott's parents will be here in two days and trying to buy a car. All of this is happening in the next 7 days.. with the exception of the car most likely. My head is spinning.

One more Willow funny...
She fell off of the lazy boy & began crying and screaming. I picked her up, she cried for about 2 seconds & then pointed to the kitchen yelling, "Ice! Ice!" My first thought was that she wanted ice for an injury, but then I remembered that she was 2. I opened the freezer and handed her the ice cube tray. She pushed it back into the freezer and grabbed the ice cream! haha. Sneaky baby. She had been asking for more ice cream all afternoon.. that was her final/biggest attempt.

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