Friday, December 20, 2013

Crafting With Gramma

So apparently someone hacked Target's system, scored 400 million credit card numbers & then began selling them in another country at just 20 bucks each. ??? Come on, my favorite store, really??! Couldn't they have picked Radio Shack or something?!? Target has literally become a target. Hackers may flock to it. Couponers of the world would viciously attack these inhumane theives, if only they knew how...

Well, today was the first day of winter break. Crafting with Rita was set for 10:30 this morning. She came in the door with craft supplies up to her neck. Willow sat and diligently worked alongside Gramma, naming the colors of the jingle bells and agreeing with Gramma on where to put them on the pine cone. (Willow agrees by repeating a word or words within your question that will answer your question in the shortest possible way. Otherwise you just get a "no".) It turned into a pine cone ornament event for the most part, until Sebastian finally sat down & got concentrated on creating. He used nearly all of the items in one way or another. Judah & Willow savored in the fun of destruction. They both pulled the scotch tape out of the dispenser as far as they could numerous times. A lot of their more destructive fun involved pulling. The multi-colored ribbon spool was much too tempting for Miss Willow. Judah sucked on some jingle bells and got a bit too focused on the hot glue gun, motioning to touch it a few times. Hot glue guns & kid crafts do not mix. They are wonderful for the gluing (Elmer's just doesn't cut it most of the time!) but so dangerous to have around little kids!!

Papa showed up with Jamba Juice smoothies for the kids during crafting hour. Just FYI, Jamba Juice has a smoothie that is all natural. It is also dairy, gluten, & egg free. Judah LOVES it. He could suck down 3 medium sized ones in one sitting.

Unfortunately, Willow dumped half of her smoothie on herself during crafting. The dog began licking her outfit & I suddenly heard Gramma yelling for me, "Molly.. Molly!! Oh no! Molly!!!" After Gramma left, Judah spilled Elmer's glue on his pants. I stepped in a puddle of Elmer's glue that Sebastian had left on a project that had slid to the floor.

Our tree now has pine cone & pipe cleaner ornaments scattered throughout it. It's become a very kid-friendly tree, with barely any ornaments and lights that are attached to the tree. We learned quickly that, with kids, putting up the tree a month before Christmas can instantaneously cause mountains of frustration & endless moments of questioning why you ever thought that was a good idea in the first place. Presents under the tree before Christmas? NO WAY. We're at a point now where we don't even get the tree out until about a week before Christmas. Decorating seems to be happening in spurts this year.

Sebastian has already seen all of his big Christmas presents. He went to get a cardboard box out of the garage after I told him I didn't care (forgetting the presents were next to them) and that he needed to check with Daddy. Daddy gave him a firm "no" and Sebastian was out the garage door, digging for a box. He came across the presents, started lifting items that were covering the presents & discovered the bounty. He came in and announced to everyone that he had just seen all of his Christmas presents. Eventually he apologized. He lost a bunch of TV time over that. What was strange was that he didn't seem overly excited.. and his presents are pretty damn exciting. Scott & I were beyond frustrated. I was really sad. We still don't know what we are going to do. Sebastian is begging us not to take any of them back. We definitely aren't adding to them and would really like him to be surprised on Christmas morning but don't want him to be horribly upset that he didn't get the gifts he already knew about. What do you do in this situation??! And what the heck is Santa going to bring him, socks?!?

Scott & I took turns playing air hockey with the kids on the wooden floor in the boys' room tonight. Willow had a blast. Sebastian cleared out the bottom of his closet so I could put up locker shelves for him. He's very proud of them. We played school. Of course I was the student. Sebastian spoke to me in Spanish. I didn't learn a damn thing.
Willow was communicating so well today. She let me know that I needed to have my pajamas on this evening. She communicated other interesting things throughout the day that I never even knew she thought about! Judah had a good trip to the potty while Gramma was here. She wasn't in the bathroom with him, just in the house. He did the entire potty routine & then brushed his teeth! Talk about a time when I need much more than a Cars sticker!!

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