Saturday, December 28, 2013

Judah, Judah, Judah...

Judah & I had more one-on-one time today. We worked on vacuuming - push, pull, using muscles & following directions on which way to go. We did that yesterday too. He has gotten better at it. He followed every direction I told him while everyone was gone, with the exception of one, go potty. He eventually came around and gave me an "Ohh tay". Then he reached out & grabbed my hand, started walking towards the potty, turned around to set his cars down & then headed off to the bathroom. He had many successful trips to the potty today. I was taking him very often since he was in underwear. He had 2 accidents. He would tell me "no" if he didn't need to go to the bathroom. I thought he needed to poop so I gave him the option of diaper or underwear - he chose underwear, which he never does. He seems ready to take on this challenge. He tried to poop on the potty for quite a while, but was not successful. At the end of the day he handed me the diaper and said diaper. I think he was ready to go poop - but it never happened.

Judah helped me do laundry more than he has ever done. When he realized that it was okay for him to help, he put all of the clothes in the washer (a first) & turned the button for the washer to start (with  assistance from me). He thought it was great sitting on the washer when it was on the spin cycle. We were in the laundry room again later & he started filling the washer with clothes! He was ready to do another load! He also repeated so much of what I said today.

Scott, Willow & Bash went to the park this afternoon. After that they went grocery shopping. They were gone for a good part of the day. Sebastian got to ride his new scooter at the park & apparently got a lot of compliments on it. He told me that he didn't realize it was such a great scooter (because of all of the comments). He's a very modest kid.

When everyone got home, Judah was much more noticeably interactive than usual. He told Sebastian "Hi!" and later did the same to me. He was very social & appropriate in his actions & words - so awesome to see! That's actually one of his goals at school.

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