Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meemaw & Granddad Aren't Coming.

Judah went into OT on his own today. He did the same with speech on Tuesday (I was the only one to watch the kids). His OT therapist assistant had heard about him doing speech on his own and asked if she could try it. I could hear some of his OT. He did good with the blowing (we need to do more of that!). The therapist assistant that works with him, Jenn, asked me for details on how he was doing/progressing. She gave me more handouts. She was a bit shocked when I told her that his school had just now started communicating with us, giving us a helpful amount of information about Judah's day.

We met our developmental disabilities case manager today. She was here for about an hour or so. The kids did well while we talked with her. Pixie was caged, and crying. The case manager delivered hope. We didn't expect anything helpful after the first DD meeting. She explained the "K Plan" and how we could qualify. With that plan they look at the child as an individual, not a kid living at home with parents who make such amount of money. They basically see him as if he was an adult on his own. This gives us much more opportunity for help - although we (including the case manager) aren't clear on what that will be since this plan is brand new & still changing. I'm hopeful. That combined with the possible opportunity of Social Sibs, possible addition of services to his IFSP and perhaps some Eugene students working with him next year brings me back to a place of promise.

Willow enjoys her "Mommy time" 2 days a week when the boys are both at school. She is also doing a lot of activities that most 2 year olds would never do, and doing them on a daily basis! She puts her dishes in the sink (which she can barely reach), helps out by putting dishes away (handing them to me, telling me who uses each one), tries very hard to sweep, loves wiping the table down, will take food/drinks to her brothers, helps throw away & take out the trash, and more! She is a very useful toddler! =)

Scott's parents had to cancel their trip out here. They would have arrived this afternoon, but unfortunately the angry winter weather is upon us. They said they barely made it back home from the airport. We may see them next month if the weather calms down. The kids weren't upset, although they would have been completely ecstatic to see them & spend time with them!

Since Meemaw & Granddad won't be here this weekend we began wondering what to do about the Willow/Judah birthday party that was supposed to happen on Saturday. We had also planned to visit the Kroc Center after the party so the boys could climb the rock wall, and they could all do art & play games. We decided to keep our current plan and then Scott and I will find time somewhere in that day to look at cars. I'm seriously leaning toward the van.. same price, more room.. I'm thinking it's a no-brainer. Unfortunately it may take a lot of persuading the hubby!

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