Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bells & Whistles

Walking around in a very dark parking lot in 20 degree weather trying to make a very expensive decision about which car to buy is not a smart idea. So that's what we did this evening. We didn't look at them from the outside, we got inside & turned the heat on, which resulted in a close & personal, cozy, uncomfortable chat with the sales guy. Cars come with the coolest features now. Pandora? Honestly I never even knew what that was. Pick all of your favorite bands and it will play only their songs. You rate the songs (thumbs up or thumbs down) and it will play the ones you rate positively more often than the others. There are no commercials and no monthly payments! It just comes with the car. If you think too much about features like that they become selling points - which is ridiculous because they won't be nearly as cool to you 3 months from now. All of the new bells & whistles really complicate the process! The lot we were in today only had 2 cars that started by turning a key, all of the others turned on by the simple press of a button. Touch a door handle, the car unlocks. Can't see your blind spot? Use the blind spot detector. Getting too close to the car in front of you. The car will let you know. Can't see to back up? Look at the screen on your dash (rearview back up camera). Need to make a phone call? Hit the button on your steering wheel and tell the car who you want to call. Don't know where are you going? Use the built-in GPS that you don't have to pay to update. And the best one.. Is your butt freezing, perhaps because you have decided to do some car shopping in 20 degree weather? No worries, your heated seat will toast your rear nicely.

We went to a "snow globe play date" today. Willow made her snow globe (construction paper shapes glued to a sheet of white paper with puffy white glue as the snowman). She refused my help and refused to finish it. Later, when she agreed to finish it, I stood by her just watching. She began to hand me cotton swabs, asking for my help. Judah had a super, awesome time! He was so excited. Luckily I spotted his pants looking funny & checked his diaper, which he had ripped halfway off. He was still dry, thank goodness. After we were there for a little over an hour Willow was trying to open the front door and Judah was starting to play with the glass candle holders and later started banging the ceramic plates together. That sound means that it is time to go. It was really good seeing all of my mommy friends again. We haven't been going to enough play dates.

Willow had her well-child check today. She got her 2nd Hep-A shot. She didn't cry, just winced. She doesn't cry when she gets hurt a lot of the time. The doctor says it's nothing to worry about, which seems to be his opinion about everything. She is 33 inches tall (35th percentile), 26 pounds (46th percentile), with a BMI of 17.04 (66th percentile). The doctor said we could give her half an adult dose of Miralax for her constipation. When I asked him what the 2 year milestones were he told me that they jabber a lot at that age. He can be incredibly unhelpful. Something I say to Scott sometimes is, "Well, you're about as helpful as Dr. Griffin!"

When we picked up the kids from Mom & Dave's tonight we had to take Judah to the potty before we left. He said "No" a couple of times and then he said, "Ohh tay." It was pretty unreal. He's never said "Ok" like that before and NEVER just gives in to going potty once he has decided to refuse. So that was pretty amazing.

Sebastian spent a lot of today with Gramma. They did some secret shopping and I caught a hint that their could be a love note floating around in the classroom. Willow got many piggy-back rides from Papa this evening. She is so little. It is really funny to see her little body spread out on his back. She has such a gorgeous smile when she is getting a piggy-back. Judah was in a very cheerful mood most of the day. He was independent, cooperative and very friendly at the doctor's office. He continues to maintain his new words. I've got to get him out on more play dates. Today (at the play date) I could really see what we needed to work on and why we needed to do it more seriously.

Judah's teacher really wrote in his communication book for the first time yesterday. I was a so pleasantly surprised, it was so helpful.

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