Thursday, December 26, 2013

Super Mario is Back!!!

Sebastian played the 2013 version of Super Mario on our brand spankin' new Wii tonight. Scott was gloating, nostalgic thrill was whirling all around him. He had to be Dad, but I could tell he wanted 2,000 times more to be a kid with Sebastian. Sebastian asked me to play. He wanted to teach me. Man, it's crazy how fast Super Mario Bros comes back to you after years of not playing! He tried to instruct me for about 10 seconds.. and then, "What?? You can go down the pipe?!" Sebastian is 6, he will blow that game away in no time. He doesn't need us to show him. I wonder if technology comes so easy to kids for the same reason that language does...

I spent hours on the Internet trying to figure out car seat covers and all the details that go along with them. Finally got it done! Within the next 3 days it will all be here & the kids will finally get settled into the van.

Sebastian built Willow's new doll crib this morning while the rest of us slept. He was very proud. One side was kind of leaning, holding the crib up, haha. It was demolished about an hour after his siblings awoke. Sebastian needs morning projects. He is up at least an hour before everyone, every single day.

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