Saturday, December 7, 2013

Older Brother is Sprouting

More snow time today. They were all excited to get out the door & back into the snow! Judah was extremely excited. He handed me the closest pair of rain boots he could find, which were Willow's boots that are 2 sizes too big for her. He squeezed his feet into them and chased me around the house, still in his pj's, refusing to put on clothes. He just wanted to get outside! Sebastian heading out before us didn't help matters any. Today it took much less time to get everyone ready as I didn't have to hunt down gloves, hats, warm pants, etc.

Judah loves slamming his body down onto the snowy earth, rolling down hills, sliding on his bottom.. it's really good sensory for him, makes him feel good. Willow walks around holding her bag when she's in the snow. She observes. Sebastian seeks out the most action he can create. Unfortunately snowboarding & sledding were even less of a success today. I pushed Sebastian down the driveway on the sled. He inched along. Yesterday they could actually sled, but snowboarding was a challenge. If there were adequate snow I think Sebastian would pick up snowboarding quickly.

Scott & Bash did the grocery shopping today - for hours. Apparently there were Christmas shoppers clogging up the place.

Willow, Judah & I had a fun day at home. They are such cute friends. Willow brings Judah his food & drink when she has the opportunity. Judah steals her Rice Chex from her bowl, but smiles when he watches her eat. It's a love/annoyance relationship.

Sebastian was on the Krazy Kar 82% of the time he was home today. He loves that thing more than anyone. Willow didn't ride it at all when Sebastian was gone, but once he got home & got on it she was right back to, "My turn!! Mommy!!" Yesterday when she was having her turn, Sebastian started saying things I'd never heard him say before. "Willow you better get off. Willow, your snack is on the table. It's going to melt Willow. You better get off the Krazy Kar and go eat your snack. Oh no Willow! It's melting!!" Her snack was crackers. He suddenly became the older brother in the sense that we can all relate to. That was my older brother for sure.

Settling in to watch a movie called Extraction with the hubby.

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