Thursday, December 19, 2013

Learning Through Imitation, Frustration, Rewards & Smashed Peas

Judah did well with his "all done" box today. I do it some but it just doesn't seem like a method that is going to help him learn not to throw or destroy items when he is finished with them. Today his OT advised me to repeatedly tell him to set things down, and if he did so many times then reward him. I will try that tomorrow. Keeping all of these new ideas consistent between Scott and I is really difficult and at the same time really important!

OT went well. I'm pretty sure she knows we have spoken with the owners about doing 2 speech sessions a week and eliminating OT. She was all over the map with Judah today! They played with peas, squishing them, driving cars through them, etc. She helped him practice listening and waiting for his cue to "go" in the gym (safety practice). He has never gotten frustrated with either of the 2 therapists there. I've seen him melt down with Angie (music). She was able to help him through that beautifully. Jennie (OT) said they also practiced wiping hands. Judah did some shirt and some hands.. We're getting there.

Judah was more confident with his dressing today. Undressing is a snap - its just getting him to do it that is a challenge fairly often. With dressing, I assist him with getting his head through his shirt & he does the rest. Yesterday and today I've set his pants down on the floor and walked away. If I am present he's likely to melt down because I am not helping. He will get them on, it will be very frustrating and he may put 2 legs in the same pant leg, but he is realizing he can do it, which is all that matters. I need to come up with some good rewards for him. Putting on socks is the only really difficult task as far as dressing goes.

Sebastian spent the day with Grandma. They put up Christmas decorations at her house and shopped for supplies to do crafts tomorrow.

Willow did everything Judah did today. He loves having a little puppet friend. At night before bed they are all 3 such playful, excited, daring (sigh), inventive, happy kids!

Willow wants to do certain things on her own now - wipe when we are doing a diaper change, take her clothes off, put her clothes on, put her shoes on, etc. She is a good learner and a consistent imitator!

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