Monday, December 30, 2013

Bedtime Stories With Elmo

Today I learned that Dad is coming to visit Jan 18-21. He'll be staying in Salem this time, which is nice because it will give him a valuable glimpse into our lives. I showed Willow his picture and told her that Pa Rock was coming to visit. She said, "Pock?" (Pa Rock)

Judah & Willow like to climb onto the TV stand. From there they reach up & bang on the expensive television hanging from the wall. They think it's hilarious. Parents should never waste money on anything new & expensive. It's just stupid. Hey, did I tell you we just bought a new car??! ;)

Judah had speech therapy today. Scott took him. The therapist would ask him to find the cow (or whatever) in a picture & he would point to it. That's huge. He was doing very well vocalizing too. In the past when I've shown him animals in books he will make the sound the animal makes, but if I asked him to point out the animal he wouldn't do it. He's much more able to show us that he understands now.

Judah had a dr. appt. today. She prescribed a medicine for reflux. She thinks it will help him sleep better. Does he have reflux? Who knows, but it is something that we've considered in the past. The problem then was that he would not take the reflux medicine - it smelled awful. We never followed through with the reflux idea & the doctor didn't believe reflux was the issue (we had come to him with this idea). The reflux medicine his new doctor prescribed today is a compound. Not sure exactly what that means, but I do know that it means our insurance won't cover it. She also prescribed a med for the constipation - this one also has to be done at the special pharmacy downtown (very old pharmacy). It has to be mixed, which apparently is something only they can do. I'm just realizing that has to be how they stay in business. The store itself is filled with an array of touristy looking toys & decorations, all over-priced. These meds won't be ready until tomorrow.

So we are hoping the new meds will help. If he felt better of course he would be more able to progress in other areas. Also his case manager said she is checking back about the family plan that sounded so promising. So there are positive trinkets to hold onto. Like trinkets they are small and you tend to forget about them. But when you look closely at them, they are inspiring & beautiful. Hope is beautiful.

I got the front seat covers installed in the van today. We are waiting on more seat covers to arrive. Scott doesn't go back to work until Wednesday, so we should have plenty of time to get this all done before then. Unfortunately this means he won't get to drive the van with the bright pink flowery seats to work! The flowers are much bigger than what I thought they would be!! He hasn't seen them yet.

Judah had no accidents all day long & finally pooped (he requested a diaper for this). This was his first day in underwear with his siblings home, noisy football in the background and Mommy gone for 2 hours. It was completely different than the past 2 days. I was nervous that he might fall back into the old habits. I pushed Scott to keep a very close eye on him while I was gone. Willow is having the constipation now.

We listened to this as our bedtime story tonight. The kids were cracking up so hard!! It was inspired by Willow's Elmo slippers that she is currently sleeping in. They have been passed down from her older brothers.

Sleeping in our house lately has been hell. I hardly sleep. I am so lucky Scott is home so I can sleep more in the morning. Sebastian is the only one who gets a good night's sleep.


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