Saturday, December 21, 2013

Break the Rules

An 8 letter word can take your day, crumple it up like a sheet of paper & slam it into a trashcan. This word can also make your head throb, keep you in bed for hours & cause you to miss your children badly. That word found me today- MIGRAINE.

The kids were with Mom & Dave most of the day- riding the animal machines at the mall, visiting the coin store, playing at Bauman's (the only ones on the play ground), out to lunch at Baja Fresh.. and more. Sebastian said he raced Papa on the tricycles. Papa held Judah's hand while they raced. Willow continued the growth of her newfound independence. She told Gramma & Papa "Me do it" or "do it" when she wanted to be the one to complete the task at hand. She does the same here, more & more. often.

We've decided to try and get the testing done on our own that we are asking the school to provide for Judah. That battle will live on, but I don't have the heart to sit around and wait to see who wins. I don't want to waste that time & energy on them, when it needs to be used on him.

The school sent home paperwork stating that we want Judah to have a sensory eval to determine if he is still eligible for services. ??? We are doing it to have a current eval in his file. We told them this at the meeting. Are current evaluations not important?? The old evals will always be there.. we aren't asking that they be erased. Current evals would help us to see his progress - which should be a gigantic priority to them. Obviously it is to us.

Their policies and procedures seem to be based around something other than the good of the child. The child's progress & services are definitely not a large-scale part of their system, when they should be the most important part! It's as if these things are perceived to be there.. but once you start digging you realize that you are just trying to work around crazy rules, rather than working with people to help your child progress & live a better life. I have no desire to fight with people over regulations & company protocol. I only care about what you are going to DO to help my child. I would guess that every parent involved in this process feels the same.

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