Wednesday, December 18, 2013

COUNTING Down the Days to Winter Break!

Sorry about the delay in yesterday's birthday post - I'm still working on it.

The kids start their long anticipated WINTER BREAK the day after tomorrow. Sebastian refers to his days off from school as "stay at home days", but hopefully we will be doing much more than that! He's excited because he sees his upcoming "stay at home days" as 2 breaks in one - Christmas & New Year's. I'm sure he's envisioning a break the size of summer.

Bastian got the tree up almost entirely by himself today after I finally granted him permission to open the box. He's been asking & waiting for a few days. In the mean time the box has been used as a slide, a teeter totter, a balance beam and who knows what else. I put the tree base together for him and popped in the middle section of the tree. He took it from there, adding to that task emptying out Christmas boxes and spreading Christmas joy with random decorations throughout the house. I probably haven't seen half of them yet. We have our wreath up too, that's a big one. ;)

Since tomorrow is the last day of school before break we are sending the boys in with cookies for their teachers and a laminated photo for each teacher. See below.

We came across the Rudolph countdown to Christmas. Such a bummer we are just now discovering that! We've been using their advent Cars calendar to count down the days. This mostly seems to be a reason for Sebastian & Willow to have guaranteed chocolate on a daily basis.

Sebastian walked out of class today wearing big paper reindeer antlers that he had colored himself - including a pattern he came up with around the bottom edge, (interchanging colors). His coloring skills & capabilities have taken a big leap this year. They color every day at school. The end of his nose was painted red. He was one of the Rudolph's in his class, other kids were just reindeer. The parents were all so excited to see their reindeer children at pick-up!

When we arrived home Judah ran to the driveway, hoping to feel rain, and when he didn't he started a funny dance. Willow & Sebastian joined in. They were hopping from foot to foot, looking very bow legged. I was lucky enough to snap a fuzzy pic before Judah bolted. Most of the time he hates being photographed.

Sebastian built a train track around the Christmas tree tonight. All of the kids played trains on it. Daddy was gone all night and made it home just in time to get the boys to sleep. I made a somewhat poor attempt at cooking dinner. Sebastian & Willow enjoyed the white cheese pasta. Judah had nuggets. I overcooked the chicken and used too much garlic on it. The carrots were great, Sebastian even thought so!!

Judah has been counting EVERYTHING lately. Today we did a counting activity with cups, basically just stacking them & counting them. We are doing so much counting that Willow is even learning to count! I could search for at home learning activities for hours online, but in the end simple is always best. By using what your kids are currently enjoying, it becomes much easier to teach them.. Especially in our standing, having no clue where to begin & what to teach.

Sebastian's memory helps remarkably throughout the day. His memory seriously keeps me on track sometimes. I've just got way too much on my plate.

Judah got himself dressed in his pajamas tonight. Willow is learning that as well. It's nice that they can learn these things together. They all mimic one another, especially Willow, she watches what her brothers do & does the same. Although tonight she had some alone time in the bathroom and tried to flush some cardboard down the toilet. I'm pretty sure nobody taught her that one. She's mischievous, especially if she knows what you don't want her to be doing or if it will gain your attention.

Molly milestone- She finally put photos in her blog!!!

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