Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finally a Break!!!

Another day with Judah. Gramma & Papa took Willow & Bash. We had to sneak them out, as not to upset Judah. Of course it was completely unfair that he didn't get to go. He's been cooped up here all weekend with Mommy. Tonight he showed me that his desire to be in the outside world was huge! The time spent with him here has been advantageous, to say the least. We've connected quite a bit, his potty-training is going incredibly well, he's had entire days of one-on-one time and he's been working on a variety of skills.

Today we squished pineapple. He was disgusted when I stuck his bare hand into the mixing bowl, which contained about 1/2 a cup of pineapple chunks. So I decided to give him rubber gloves (he LOVES gloves) to put on. These were crazy cool gloves - black with zebra stripes from the wrist up. They went from fingertips to shoulder on him! He squished the pineapple with those for sure!! He would have gone longer had the gloves not fallen off every single time he squished the pineapple. He also got juice in his eye, ouch!! That's when I realized my sensory food of choice was pretty lousy. We'll try again with a new food soon. Ideas are welcome. The point is to eventually get him to eat the food. The squishing/painting/playing with the food gets him used to the smell & texture, making it less scary & much more familiar.

We played a Thomas matching game that Meemaw & Granddad had left for him before they moved. In the beginning he seemed to be getting the concept down, but then he started to get focused on the different trains & eventually just wanted to play with the cards. I'm thinking a matching game that doesn't involve something he loves & is fairly simple (like shapes?) might work better for him. And that would have never occurred to me had we not tried Thomas today. He teaches me a lot. I got that one completely backwards for sure.

He wanted to play Sebastian's electronic drum machine, so we did that for quite a while. It was so awesome because he could pick his tempo, style, etc. This gave me clues as to what types of music he enjoys. Our knowing this could of course allow for more opportunities of enjoyment in his life. Again, this never would have occurred to me.. again, he is teaching me. Obviously any gained knowledge about Judah's loves & personality will bring opportunities for more fulfillment in his life.  He tried many different sounds & always went back to the blues style, which was slow with a hard touch of bass. He banged on the drum pads with the sticks, doing a really good job of holding them correctly (I didn't even show him!). This really surprised me because earlier I had shown him many times how to "correctly" hold a spray bottle and he had refused to follow my directions. He had his own way of pulling the trigger. We traced shapes & letters with markers yesterday & he would not hold the marker how I showed him. But drumsticks, no problem. He loves music. And I think that is the first time he has ever played that drum machine. He just went into his room and pointed to it (on top of Sebastian's dresser). I'm really thinking he has been wanting to play it but has never gotten the opportunity. He definitely feels more freedom when his siblings are gone.

I washed all of the kid's car seat covers yesterday. Tonight Judah wanted to go for a ride so badly that Scott and I had to put his car seat back together (which we hadn't planned on doing until the seat covers arrived for the van). Scott & Judah are out for a drive now. Judah is getting his much, much, much deserved break.

Absolutely NO ACCIDENTS today - awesome potty-training day!!

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