Monday, December 23, 2013

Painting With Pixie's Paws

As Christmas nears I ALWAYS find myself in a pleasant rush to make gifts, buy gifts, wrap gifts.. gift, give, gift!! If this isn't happening, then something is terribly wrong in the world.

For Christmas I got Scott a gaming ottoman (made to store games, controllers, etc.) & a gaming bag. He never reads this blog, don't worry. Sebastian's big gift is a scooter. Willow's doll furniture set from Meemaw & Granddadd will likely be one of her favorite gifts. Judah will be receiving enough Angry Birds/Thomas/Planes/Cars stuff to keep him excited for months to come.

I spent some time today (not much - it's hard to do with 3 kids!!) working with Judah & Willow on counting, animal sounds & puzzles. Judah can do the jumbo knob puzzles practically in his sleep (when he's motivated). Sebastian & I used the jumbo knob animal puzzle to make up an animal sounds game. Unfortunately this quickly turned into a race to see who could get the pieces into the puzzle the fastest. Judah suddenly had motivation & he went to town! He won, easily.. even beating out his big brother (who will never admit to that). Willow, Judah & I were working on counting by using Willow's new toy piggy bank. It counts out the large, plastic coins as you drop them in. I incorporated the cars Judah was playing with - hoping this would hold his motivation, but it just annoyed him. This activity somehow became a race too. It was a race to see who could get the coins in the fastest. Judah always won & then scrambled to steal Willow's remaining coins, which she quickly learned to hide behind her back.

The kids and I have been working on a messy/fabric paint project in spurts, because the paint takes so long to dry & we are doing both sides of two pot holders. It is also in spurts because we can only do it when Daddy is gone (it's his present). Again, don't worry, Scott doesn't read the blog. Today I dipped poor Pixie's front paws into a puddle of green fabric paint and got her John Hancock on there too. She's become his 4th child, so this activity seemed necessary. She didn't mind until I dipped her paws into the large bowl of warm, soapy water. THAT is when she freaked out. She knocked the entire bowl over in a matter of seconds, soaking my pants & the balcony, but thankfully the imprinted pot holder survived. Sebastian & Willow found this incident to be HILARIOUS as they watched from the other side of the patio door.

The packages are continuing to come in.. we have to keep them in our room, otherwise they become blocks for the children to climb on, throw, kick, etc. We have an assortment of boxes which has slowly grown into an ocean.

While doing our usual routine of the kids laying in bed with me before bedtime, Sebastian created a completely non-understandable game of "perfume in the wind", haha. This involved holding the covers and quickly lifting them into the air & pulling them back down. Then he would sit up & lay down very fast. Each time he would say, "Oh, you got me!!" No idea, but I loved the title.

This morning Sebastian made me breakfast. "I made you breakfast!!", he exclaimed. Then he tells me, "I tasted it, it was horrible." hahaaa. Later in the day he heads off towards the bathroom and says, "I'm gonna go see if that poop will come out now." hahahaaa

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