Monday, December 2, 2013

Judah Blue Winter Files is 4 years old today!

Boy did he know what was happening when he saw the gift on the table this morning! He & Sebastian had a hard time watching Willow open her birthday gifts two days ago. Judah has played with them as much as she has. When Willow & Judah take a bath they both play with Willlow's new Dora bath toy. They take turns brushing her hair. That toy is basically Dora's head with very strong suction cups on the back so you can stick it to the side of the tub. The streaks of color in her bangs go from purple to pink when her hair gets wet and the tattoos on her face appear as well (not sure what provoked that idea, haha).

Judah got some pretty cool gifts tonight. This morning we gave him a plane I had picked up at Target for less than 2 dollars, reading "AS IS" on the box. It looked like a neat toy & hadn't even been opened, so I snatched it up. Judah played with that thing all day today! Nearly every piece can detach & re-attach somewhere else, so you can build it in many different ways. It even comes with a yellow dinosaur. ?? Both of the boys loved it.

This evening Scott came home with Jamba Juice smoothies. They make one that is gluten/casein free. He took the lid off of Judah's and stuck a big "4" candle in it, resting it on the edge of the cup. Judah loved it, although he was drinking it before we even got the candle lit. He proceeded to try & drink everyone else's after he finished off his! One of his favorite gifts was the Polar Express soundtrack. The kids LOVE dancing to that movie, so I suggested to my dad that he send that to Judah. Judah was ecstatic! We had to play it immediately. All of the kids danced like crazy. We made a video. That would have been plenty for Judah to have been completely overjoyed with his birthday evening. Getting him to open more gifts was a bit troublesome, but we finally made it through them. He relished in each one, except the musical toothbrush, which he looked at and immediately set down on the table. Since some of his presents were packaged in boxes (money jar, Krazy Kar, air hockey game), he decided to stack them all up and crash them with his body. Crashing is one of his favorite activities. Later he laid the huge Krazy Kar box flat on the ground, jumped off of it and did a somersault on the floor. He did that over & over. That kid was elated. He carried his new Thomas movies around most of the night, attempting to open other gifts while he held onto them.

Sebastian was extremely upset that we weren't able to try out the Krazy Kar tonight. Explaining to him that it had to be built first didn't prove to be helpful. Daddy took him to his room so he could calm down. I made the gigantic mistake of turning up the Polar Express soundtrack so Judah & Willow could dance some more. I was trying to make sure Sebastian's crying & screaming was not going to overtake the joy of Judah's night. Judah tends to get upset or concerned when something is wrong with his siblings. Of course the loud music made Sebastian more upset because he assumed he was missing out on fun. It was a very hard night for him. It was a great morning and afternoon for him though! He was extremely helpful today. It is so refreshing that he would rather play and make inventions than watch TV.

Judah sometimes you soak up 110% of my attention because it is so fascinating to watch you learn & grow. You have a big heart, a genuine love for people (even strangers), bright eyes & the cutest laugh & smile I've ever known. You are best friends with your brother and sister. You love going to school. The minute your friends walk in you wave and say "hi!!", completely filled with excitement and anticipation of your day. You are fearless. Fun beckons you. Wherever there are kids you must immediately join in. You remind us all that communication does not come only in the form of speech. Your unspoken messages are melodious to me. You are my windfall of  hope. You are a child most people could only dream of parenting. Your uniqueness and mystery have opened my eyes to the beautiful bewilderment that is life. You've bestowed upon me a perspective that I never would have known. You've taught me patience. You've taught me that there is absolutely no reason challenges should push you down. As a toddler you have endured more life lessons than most people endure over a lifetime. And you've held on and never given up. And it breaks my heart and it makes me so much stronger just knowing you. The rest of the world should be so lucky. I love you so much.

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