Friday, December 27, 2013

Time With Judah

Judah & I took down the tree today. He did a great job helping me tape up boxes with the packing tape. I held the box together, told him to "pull!" and then "go down!" when he got to the edge, and finally, "cut!!". He followed directions really well. We did this many times. He followed directions nearly every time when I asked him to pick something up after he had thrown it. This all happened when Judah & I were home alone. I definitely need alone time with him everyday. It is really, really helpful to him. I didn't realize how important it was until this afternoon.

I sent Scott & the other 2 kids off so I could spend time with Judah. Not only did we take down the Christmas tree & put everything "Christmas" away in boxes, but we also spent time playing with Willow's doll & the doll's new crib. Judah interacted so well with the baby, pretending to feed her, telling me which food or drink she preferred by saying, "Yuck!!" or "Mmmmm!!", and making logical decisions on his own like putting on her bib & putting her in the highchair. I didn't initiate any of that. Many times he knocked everything off of the shelf above the crib with one foul swoop (way too tempting for him), and then he would pick up all of the items and neatly line them back up on the shelf again.

We did lots of potty-training. He went to the potty when I asked him & did the full routine every time. He spent close to 2 hours in underwear, had one accident and the next time he let me know when he needed to go. Since he did not "go" in his underwear & instead initiated the trip to the potty (following through with his entire bathroom routine), he earned a Scooby-Doo DVD - his biggest reward to date. He was elated, although we never watched it, he was very proud. I really think, given a couple of days of doing this all day long that he would get it. Again, we need alone time.

I organized all of the Christmas boxes as we un-decorated the tree. I was going to attempt to put all of the re-usable Christmas gift bags into these boxes as well, since I didn't think we had many - we could hardly find any when we were wrapping! So I gathered all the Christmas gift bags from around the house & then approached our mountain of gift bags, that basically hangs off of the top of a 6 foot shelf in the garage. I went through the inevitable avalanche of gift bags & probably HALF of them were Christmas bags!! So I ended up organizing the entire mountain. I even figured out a new system for the wrapping paper rolls!

Today I finally got Willow to go to sleep without grabbing onto me. She's been doing that forever. I'm really pushing the milestones today.

Here are the details on the painstaking online purchase of the seat covers (& more!) for the van. I wrote this in an email to Susan earlier today..

So I ordered some cheap seat covers for the middle 2 seats as well as good seat savers to go under the cars eats. Am I sounding neurotic yet?? Haha. It gets worse...

For the back bench and front seats, I got seat covers a tad nicer (I hope! I have no experience w/this!). They are black ,with an embroidered pink flower montage design on a small part of each cover. The middle seat covers are black with 1 small butterfly design on each one that likely won't be visible underneath a seat saver & car seat - which was the plan.

The flower covers come with a matching steering wheel cover, which is awesome because steering wheel covers are a necessity to me.

I also bought "kick pads". These cover the back of the seats, preventing kids from getting the seat backs dirty with their shoes. They were just $5 each and even have a useful pocket on the top part. Instead of a kick pad for the seat back in front of Willow, I bought a hanging organizer to put all of our stuff in (that would otherwise inevitably float around in our van). It can hold drinks too!

All of this was Prime shipping on Amazon - 2 days. The flower seat covers were a different company so we got expedited shipping. Hoping to get this all done by Sunday!!!

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