Thursday, December 12, 2013


Not a great start to the day as Judah, Willow & I were asked to leave Judah's classroom because we arrived 10 minutes before class was to start. It was probably 24 degrees outside. I didn't comply, but instead tried to corral Judah & Willow into the area near the front door. Judah put his things away and walked around the classroom, disturbing no one. The staff continued to ignore us, as they had when we arrived. Judah began to notice this & eventually threw his arms around one of the aides, desperate for her attention. He was so excited  to see those ladies. It was really sad & completely unnecessary for him to experience this treatment. The aides went to get the kids off the bus (all the other kids ride the bus) and I was asked to stay in the classroom with Judah. Staff are supposed to be in the classroom any time students are present. They also had the door propped open when we arrived and even after we left, another safety concern that doesn't sit well with me. We plan on bringing the classroom door issue up at the next meeting. It's almost regularly cracked open, undoubtedly solely for staff convenience. Salem/Keizer has a policy regarding locked school doors when school is in session. You would assume that an early intervention program would definitely have these policies in place.

Judah came home with a cut on his finger. The aide who did this apologized to me profusely. She filled me in on his day & wrote in his notebook. Judah's teacher was gone today. I was extremely appreciative of the aide keeping me informed. This never happens.

Sebastian was cornered by a kid who was holding scissors up to his face and opening & closing them. They had a substitute today. He said he tried to get the sub's attention numerous times as this was happening. He said this kid had been chasing him around with the scissors before he cornered him. I will be talking with his teacher in the morning.. face to face.

The kids spent some time with Gramma & Papa today. Sebastian & Gramma went out to lunch, went shopping & did some reading. Judah has been talking a lot today. I've found that it really helps to repeat the sounds & words he says right after he says them. This makes him happy & he continues to talk.

Forgot to mention that Willow is now facing forward in her car seat. Today I looked in the car window expecting to see her facing me from the other direction. When there was no car seat or Willow to be seen I panicked, but then I looked the other way to see her waiting patiently for me to open the door. It's strange to see all of the kids facing forward in their car seats. In under 2 years Sebastian won't even need a car seat!! When did that happen?!?

Judah's OT therapy went well today. Jenny gave me a list of different types of activities that will work Judah's joints. As much as I think of this lady (she is great), I think we may be dropping her to get more speech for Judah. Although neither of us understand exactly how OT works & what kind of progression we should be seeing, it just feels like the best thing to do. After coming out of his last IFSP meeting feeling completely defeated, we are looking anywhere to get him immediate help. If we win any battles with WESD, it's clear that it won't be soon & crystal clear that it won't be easy.


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