Sunday, December 8, 2013

Miniest of all the Minis

Today we took home a Mazda-5. Its a mini-van, very likely the miniest of all the mini-vans. But the kids will have room & a bit more comfort. We might be able to fit 2 bags of groceries in the "trunk". Thus, the other car will continue to fill a big purpose.

This afternoon we had a double-birthday party for Willow & Judah, since their birthdays fall only 2 days apart. Mom & Dave hosted. Meemaw & Granddad Skyped in to witness the excitement of the birthday duo as they unwrapped gifts. Willow was back to her usual somber birthday girl self (how she was at her first party this week). But by the end of the night she was singing "happy birthday!!" all the way to the car and clapping her hands in the air, having a very smiley, belated celebration.

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