Sunday, December 1, 2013

Schedules to the Wind!

Dad called today to send birthday wishes to Willow. He is in West Plains burning leaves with Nick & Boone outside of his new home. I could hear in his voice that he is having a fun day. I wasn't able to talk with Nick or Boone, but Dad did mention that he would like to bring Boone out to this side of the country at some point. Of course that is up to Boone's folks. We need to see him one way or another, the kids would have so much fun & I'd love to get a kick of Missouri (without residing there). As father and son, Nick & Boone are great friends. Being around them is always comical, witty entertainment.

This is the day in between birthdays. Judah continues to play with Willow's birthday gifts. She continues to be annoyed with him about it. We Skyped Meemaw & Granddad this evening. Judah was very interactive with them, which doesn't happen often. He showed them many of his items he had nearby: a movie, a Wubbzy book and a Wubbzy stuffed animal. He held them up to the camera and slowly turned them from front to back a few times. He's a natural. Willow put on Sebastian's unbelievably frightening, contorted zombie face, mask. She looked hilarious sitting in the middle of all the human beings.. a tiny, little, grotesque, pointy-nosed, fright.

We are having a hellish time trying to get Judah to potty lately. It's probably our fault. We are not good at staying on a strict schedule. We are not good at staying on a loose schedule!! I get winds of motivation and ideas and then downfalls of stress and racing to keep my children alive. Sebastian often brings home notes from school. These are often notes to inform us that he needs to bring something to school. I always read them and share them with Scott, but often we forget to do them. I don't know how many we've missed for Judah. Last year we were never asked to bring anything to his class! This year we are supplying all of his snacks. His teacher sends out a "schedule" every month. It is usually a brightly colored piece of paper. Decorative font translates activities, themes and concepts they will be working on. There are always charming illustrations illuminating it. It is something to put on the fridge. Last month I happened to flip it over to the calendar side (after Thanksgiving break had just started). Apparently we were supposed to provide 2 vegetables at the beginning of the month. His class consists of about 4 kids (although the teacher claims she has 7). So if we don't bring something for Judah's class it is likely vividly apparent. During the IFSP meeting, the teacher mentioned the monthly paper she sends out. Scott blurted out, "You send out a schedule??" I whisper to him that it's on the fridge. So yah, that's us as parents.

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