Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Willow Midnight Seraphina Files!

Willow Midnight Seraphina Files turned 2 years old today. She came into this world gliding into a vessel of warm water. It was so peaceful, she didn't even cry. But I sure did! I screamed the hardest I have ever screamed in my life. That pain is an eternal memory. It was as if I could feel each individual fiber of my body stretching and snapping apart, one right after the other. It felt like I was on fire. She was my first "natural" birth. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. I wouldn't even call it pain. It was more along the lines of an eruption of torture.

Eeek, sorry.

Happy birthday Willow bug!! You are such a sparkle of pleasure, hilarious celebration & play. You have a smashing personality! You absorb the world and store it away in your treasure box, the spill over is divine. You have itchy trigger finger wisdom. All day long you are on the go, seeking adventure and enlightenment.

We had a small party for you today. I forgot to put your birthday dress on you, but your rainbow, monkey Dora shirt covered in glittery stars and your velvety lavender pants were a much better match to your personality. Gramma & Papa attended. They had spent the day with Sebastian and Judah. They took them to Home Depot to do a workshop early this morning, where the boys built small toolboxes (very cute). At your party we ate cupcakes that Daddy loaded down with icing. Mommy & Daddy took lots of pictures & made lots of videos. The boys were enormously jealous that it was your birthday. Sebastian and Judah were trying to open your presents. Judah kept hitting your cupcake with his toy and you would sternly say to him, "Judah! No!!"

I'm glad you liked your Dora bath doll. Judah loved brushing her hair. The Lalaloopsy doll was my favorite gift to you. The Minnie Mouse slippers will be fun for you & the fuzzy farm animal puzzle didn't seem to interest you at all. We'll have a party a week from today for you and Judah both.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Little Willow! I wish I could have been at your party. I know you had a good time. I miss you and will see you soon. Much love, Pa Rock.