Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Woke up with much less time to get ready for the meeting than I had planned. Completely didn't think about having the kids somewhat ready for Grandma. She was coming over to watch them. Ten minutes before we leave, Shelley calls to say that the speech therapist is sick. Meeting cancelled.

I was so stressed about this meeting that I could hardly sleep the night before. Later into the morning my headache got worse and turned into a migraine. I was able to get Grandma to pick up Sebastian from school. She brought him home, saw my condition and stayed to help with everything. I became a slug on the couch. Scott was somehow able to come home to relieve Grandma.

So anyway, migraine stole my day.

Scott took the boys to Lime Berry since 20% of their proceeds were going to Harritt from 5pm-10pm. He didn't want to take them all so I offered to lay with Willow until they got back.

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