Friday, November 15, 2013

Flying Playpen

After dinner Sebastian continued work on his flying playpen. He used a jump rope and threaded it through the netting on one of the smaller sides of the playpen. We tied a bat on the end of the rope hanging outside of the playpen to act as the propeller. He used an old set of training wheels to put on the side of the playpen that did not have wheels. Then he lifted up the back, pushed it through the living room & jumped in! It kept going about 2 feet after he jumped in. He was soooo excited about this creation. He couldn't stop talking about the flying playpen. He wants to build a ramp to use for it. He's hoping his playpen will take flight.

This morning we met with a child therapist/social worker that does play therapy with children. She opened us up to even more possibilities for Judah to progress. Her job is to play with him & figure out how he learns, keeping an open mind as to what could be occurring within him that causes him frustration and lack of development in certain areas. He is essentially a puzzle that she works to piece together as much as she can. It sounds like what could be a long, but extremely promising journey. She shared some very interesting, eye-opening stories about her experiences working with children. Some of her shared knowledge sent thoughts and ideas into my mind that could be helpful for Judah, very surprising realizations that made a lot of sense. She has been working with children up to 6 years old for 22 years. Her autism experience is not substantial but her Asperger's experience is. Asperger's of course is soon to be on the autism spectrum... just to make the spectrum even grander, who knows. She knows behavior and seems to be very tuned into children and looking at them from all kinds of perspectives. We will bring Judah with us to our next session, scheduled for Dec. 5th. He will have 3 individual sessions with her in the weeks to come after that. At that point she will write up a treatment plan and give us her professional opinion as to what she sees as the best routes for him to travel. It was a very positive experience. What she could possibly discover would be a key to lessening his frustrations, which would enlarge his opportunities to learn, which would also play out into his other therapies giving him opportunities for better progress there as well. She may discover some of his secret obstacles. Knowing these would give us tools that were tailor-made for him. For the root of his struggles to be exposed would affect every inch of his life. Talking with her was very interesting.

Tonight I made maple apple chicken, in hopes that Sebastian and Willow might like it. Sebastian of course hated it. He tells me that I have failed every time I cook, haha. I'm pretty certain he looks forward to telling me that. I thought a sweeter dish might be the answer to getting him to begin to eat healthier foods. Willow wouldn't touch it. Judah literally touched it, we turned that into a game. Doing that is a step in teaching him to try new foods. He refused to touch it at first, although he was curious (probably more as to why we were trying to get him to touch his food). Scott made it into a game and then Judah wanted to smash it, he loved it!

Sebastian said some kids at school stopped talking when he walked up to them, saying "Shhh! He's coming!" He said it felt like they were keeping a secret from him and that he was confused, not upset, just confused. He's a very sweet boy.

We picked up Judah's entire file from his school today. I'm curious to read through it. We can use it to prepare for the meeting too.

Group music therapy is tomorrow. Sebastian and Judah will both be attending. Details to come!!

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