Monday, November 18, 2013

More Meeting Prep

This will hopefully be a quick post. We need to get back to work on Judah's IFSP meeting prep. Mom is coming over tomorrow to help us pull it all together. I'm really nervous. I shouldn't be, we are just telling them what he needs. I'm nervous about the feedback. None of the team members are the same as last year. I've only met two of them. Scott has met one, briefly. The team we had last year persuaded us to give him the absolute minimum, and definitely took advantage of us being so na├»ve. So coming from that makes me very nervous to go to another meeting. There's also the fact that he had such a small amount of services and now we are asking for what he really needs. So we are going from A-Z in one meeting, which needs to be done, but if they are anything like last year's team members it may be a very difficult sell. The idea is for them to work with us, not against us. I hope we can all keep that well in our minds!

It was another full speed day around here. Poor Sebastian just lost his money jar. He loved that thing so much, and had it full to the rim. It got knocked off his dresser and busted onto the wooden floor. I never knew how hard it is to pick up change off a wooden floor! There's no easy way to do it! So we all had a nice sit-down on the boys' bedroom floor and picked up change for quite a while. Judah tried to eat it and throw it, but I stopped him nearly every time. Scott didn't want him to be in there, but I think it's necessary for him to be included in everything. Every moment is an opportunity to learn. The last time I was in Rite-Aid I spotted the same money jar. They usually come out around Christmas time. It will be easy to replace. Sebastian knows that. Of course he cried a lot and had to say goodbye to his money jar before I threw all of the pieces away. That must have been really hard for him. He really didn't even get that mad at Judah for knocking it down. I was very proud of him and very sad for him too.

I used the visual schedule all day long with Judah today. I made sure to take him to the potty every 2 hours, which wasn't too difficult. He definitely understands that instruction immediately. He would study the pictures on the visual schedule at times but he never wanted to actually move the pictures, which he is supposed to do as he finishes them. It was very frustrating to me as we spent so much time on that schedule today. Repeating an activity over & over a thousand times while holding onto the belief that they will "get it" eventually is so incredibly difficult. You can't give up when it's your child. I need a mountain of patience to land at my doorstep.

For dinner.. left-over turkey, mixed vegetables and apple slices. Not one complaint from anybody. At least dinner is getting to be easier! Judah even ate a bowl of extremely liquidly squash. He usually won't touch it. He also had apple sauce, crackers and a slice of apple that I got him to touch, but not eat. He asked for more every time he wanted more. He did that consistently all day long. He also said new words consistently all day long. We looked at photos of toys Pa Rock sent for Judah to pick from and Judah said, "Look! Toy!" When he was playing with his car wash toy he said, "car wash". Two word phrases are coming around more often. And like I said, when I ask him to say a word he will try (as long as he understands what I am asking of him).

Today I set up a matching activity for Judah, labeling tubs with a photo of a toy. The idea was for him to put the toys that matched the photo into that tub. I videotaped it, noting his age so we have an idea of his progress later. I thought this would be too easy for him as I've watched him do matching colors at school with ease. He would stick the red piece on the red piece (Velcro) and the other colors the same way. He would do his 10 colors in well under a minute. It almost seemed to bore him. The activity today seemed to confuse him. He got one in the correct tub on his own but quickly took it out. We did this activity three times before he finally left to play. Either he didn't understand (which I'm thinking he didn't fully) or he didn't want to do it (that was happening as well). We'll keep working on that one. He had a Sponge Bob sucker with Willow today. It's rare to see him enjoy a sucker.

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