Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Turkeys!

Sebastian got out of bed this morning, went to the potty and then immediately began working on his turkey. I love his motivation & creativity. Either these things have really blossomed lately or I haven't been paying nearly enough attention. His motivation often comes from within, he doesn't like being told what to do for the most part - unless it's something he enjoys. When he saw Willow's turkey art in the car on the way home from school, he wanted to make more turkeys. We got home and he made three more turkeys, each on a single sheet of colored paper, tracing his hand as the bird (like Willow did). With his first turkey he drew a head on each of the fingertips. With the next one he drew heads on all but one of the fingertips, and the next one had two less fingertip heads. He told me it was a pattern. It took me a minute to figure it out. Very creative little boy!! Again, he wanted no assistance or ideas from me. I only offered to bring him his craft box this time. At this point I know if he really needs something he will ask me, but it's very likely he won't.

Sebastian also spent time organizing his room. He cleared his dresser and then rearranged items on top. He put items in boxes as his "storage". He handed me the picture cards ring after having to find it for more earlier in the day and says, "Put this where it belongs". I don't know where he gets all of these organizational skills.

Yesterday I put Vaseline on Sebastian's bottom to help with the pooping situation. Last night he told Daddy (as he was on the potty), "Daddy it's not going to hurt when I poop this time!" Daddy replies, "That's great! Why is that?" Sebastian says, "Because Mommy put gasoline on my bottom!!"

Willow, also little miss independent, went to a baby play date this morning. She talked the entire way there. From what I heard it sounded as if she didn't believe me that we were going to play, right at that moment (as soon as we dropped the boys at school). And with other babies?? No way. Once we arrived and went inside the house, she walked to the edge of the living room and stood, looking out at the crowd of mommies & babies. She did not move, just stared. Eventually I moved her. She would not do a single thing that I suggested while we were there. I was trying to encourage her to play and do art. In time she did art, but only when she chose to. I admire that a lot. She did other things too, each time completely independently. She said maybe 4 words the entire time we were there, which I basically drug out of her. When she was coloring her turkey her chair somehow fell backwards and she bonked her head on the linoleum kitchen floor. Her face going down was pure, big-eyed, "oh my god!!!" and when she landed all you heard was the chair hit the floor. She didn't peep, not a sound. The moms thought that she was just tough, which she is. I do think she would have cried had that happened at home, mainly to get snuggles. A toddler hit her while we were there. Again, no crying. Obviously we haven't been on many play dates lately. Our situation is rough. When we can actually go with only a 35% chance of disaster, we go. Otherwise schedule conflicts, illness, etc. hold us back.

Dad called today. I filled him in on the team meeting situation. Judah's school has given us a date and time that allows for one hour to have a meeting. So now it is OUR turn to be the reason for the need to reschedule. Last time we should have just done it without the OT and got it done. I had no idea it was going to take another almost 3 weeks before we would have an opportunity to have this meeting. I requested this meeting in mid-October. It is now late November and still no meeting.

Also, I ran into Judah's school speech therapist as we headed into his classroom this morning. I asked her how she did his therapy- if she took him out of the room or had a private part of the room that she used. She very confidently told me that she does his therapy as he plays in class, that she stands behind him while he plays, that she acts as his "voice"?, that she helps with snack and that she helps him do his "I want" card at snack (which he does every school day without her), that sometimes she may play with him while he's playing. It was just friggin' ridiculous. Oh and her being there observing class seems to equal therapy in her eyes as well. ??! The worst part was that she confidently believed that this was speech therapy. If I were her I don't think I would have admitted any of that to anyone! But I'd also never do that. Sooo frustrating to find that out. I wonder if they will make up for all of that lost therapy time. Typically at our meetings they tell us that he can only get his (he's up to 30) minutes a month of speech therapy and that the aides basically act as speech therapists the remainder of his school days. We really didn't think we could do anything about this. I'm really mad at myself for not looking into this harder early on.

The gluten-free family is still going strong. It's not easy. We need to get more gluten-free snacks, figure out how to be gluten-free for less money, and have a menu planned. That would make life much easier for sure.

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