Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sebastian Shines!

So we're down to one car. Today when it was time to pick up the boys from school, the garage door wouldn't open. Down to one car and I can't even use the damn thing because it is trapped in the garage.. and my boys need to be picked up in 10 minutes. That was my breaking point. This wretchedness that continues to pile up on us has got to be lit on fire.

Scott is driving a rental, a rental with no car seats. He came home and managed to manually open the garage door. Of course now it won't shut. He was able to manually close it as well. He had to take a break from work to do this, which was supposed to be a break for him to go to the DMV to report the accident since we only have a few days to do that.

Sebastian saw the rental in the driveway this morning and yells, "Daddy someone parked in our driveway!!" Scott tells him about the accident and Sebastian gets very excited. He asks Daddy if he is okay and immediately follows with, "Did the police come?? Are you going to go before a judge??" He always asks us about stuff like this so he had a very good idea of what would be happening. It hadn't even occurred to me how exciting this would be for him. He had not a worry in the world. His first question was "are you okay?" though. That was interesting. His heart outweighs all.

Judah was amazing in his speech therapy today. He has been talking & making sounds like crazy today. At the end of his therapy he grabbed the pile of business cards from the front desk and told his therapist, "thank you!!" haha. Two word phrases are beginning to pop up a lot! I'd really like to see him showing that he understands our instructions. It's difficult because we do baby him (as Robin pointed out very clearly). So he knows that if we ask him to pick something up he doesn't really have to, because Mom & Dad will do it anyway. It's been some tough love from me lately for sure. Yesterday he was repeatedly in time-out for hitting the TV. Why do we buy brand new, expensive items??! We have kids! Anyway. He brought a shower curtain ring to the kitchen yesterday morning and I asked him to take it back to the bathroom. He was very upset and refusing. I mistakenly used the word "potty" at one point during my request. He started to pull down his pants in the kitchen - that's when I realized that he probably thought I was telling him it was time to potty, and he had JUST pottied. When I took him in the bathroom and placed the curtain ring on the counter (hand over hand) and told him, "all done!" he was very surprised. So there is definitely some not understanding going on. It's just impossible to know what he does & doesn't understand.

So Judah had a remarkable day, specifically speech wise. Today I genuinely believed that he is going to talk, that he will get there. Having never gone through this before, I really have no clue what to expect.

Judah did the same activity today that he did yesterday - putting each object in the container that was marked with the same object. He got through it 1 1/2 times. His attention span was even shorter than yesterday and his skill at the activity had barely increased. On the first attempt he put one or 2 toys in the right containers and immediately pulled them out to play with them. He plays with the non-toy items as well. We are recording this activity every time we do it, which will be every day. I got some new activity ideas as I watched his speech therapy today and his classroom teacher gave me an idea on how to change the visual schedule (which he actually did some today!!!).

Willow is saying "okay" now when I ask her to do something. There is still a lot of objection but she is starting to say "okay" more and more. She also started running rather well today! As of today I believe she is running.

Sebastian finally had his second turn at being in front of the class to point at each alphabet letter with the pointer, say the letter in Spanish and have the class repeat after him. The teacher picked him. He was sooo excited to tell everyone about it! He had been waiting a long time for his second turn at doing this. He also pulled his name to have the job as bell ringer today. He was so so excited to tell us about his day, which rarely happens. I'm thrilled that he got to shine today. He is definitely a star that shines bright.

I told Shelley (Judah's teacher) that we will be recording the meeting tomorrow. She seemed completely fine with it, no concerns. They will record as well, standard protocol. Later she called me to say that the autism specialist needed to know if she needed to bring any specific info since we would be recording?

Last IFSP meeting prep tonight. Better get started!

WILLOW MILESTONE - RUNNING (will be 2 in one week & four days)
JUDAH MILESTONE - CONSISTENTLY USING 2 WORD PHRASES (will be four in one week & 6 days)


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