Friday, November 1, 2013

Teacher Grading Day

The day after Halloween should be a day off from school, a day off from work, a day off for everyone!! Thankfully the boys did not have to go in to school this morning. This didn't allow anyone to sleep in of course, but at least we weren't rushing around trying to get out the door on time.

I forgot to mention Judah's OT yesterday. His therapist, Jenn, is creative. She always has ideas. The first day she met Judah she realized right away that pressure calms him (I had no idea). Who would have thought that being squished between pillows or being put on your head could be calming?? Sensory issues are interesting, to say the least. His music therapist does these things as well. Jenn suggested filling a tube sock with bags of rice, tying the end & setting it in his lap while he's in his car seat. She suggested tying it to the car seat. Therapeutic devices, toys & tools are always expensive. She basically just saved me probably 30 bucks, or 10 minutes of looking on Pinterest. We will try this soon. Whistles & bubbles are calming to him as well, she said because they use the mouth muscles.

When we arrived at OT Judah was pretty upset because I wanted him to leave his Thomas the Train DVD in the car. I let him carry it in, but this did not stop the tantrum. It took us probably 10 minutes to make the very short walk from the car to the front door. He grabbed my legs as I walked & laid on the ground many times. The day prior to this Robin had shown me how to begin teaching him to be more independent by not picking him up during these times. When the therapist saw what was happening, she asked what she shouldn't do, as to not interrupt my method. She then used her OT knowledge & brought out whistles to calm him. It took quite a while, but it did work. She offered him whistles, I never gave in to his cries & eventually he was back to Judah.

Scott worked from home today. He took Willow & Judah out shopping for a while after work. This gave Bash & I some time together. That does not happen enough. It's not easy to find one-on-one time with him. He really wanted to do jobs but I couldn't think of anything substantial for us to conquer around the house. We tried finding a storage solution in the garage to use in the toy room. He loves rearranging rooms. Instead of doing projects we ended up talking while I made him fish sticks & a smoothie for dinner.

I made Judah a smoothie as an attempt to get him to drink his fish oil. Unfortunately he seems to be completely over smoothies. That was my final try. I even added sugar! He took a sip & spit it out.

The kids jumped into bed with me for 2 minutes this evening, Daddy came to get them & everyone was off to sleep pretty quickly. Scott went out to game with friends & I spent the night writing & filling up our November schedule with school events & appointments. I also found some smoothie recipes that require coconut oil to make for myself (or anyone else who will drink them). I see homemade kefir in our future as well.

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