Thursday, November 7, 2013

Small Hope for Family Dinners

Judah's progress was apparent very much today! He was making sounds much more often, trying hard to communicate and wasn't frustrated nearly as often. Robin recommended repeating his sounds directly after he says them, which I did today. I wonder if that made a huge impact or if its his natural progression that we're seeing/hearing. I also tried Robins method of parenting today, and it worked. Sebastian and Willow stopped and stared when I would not help Judah off the floor as he was screaming. I kept some distance so he couldn't grab or hit me. Eventually he got up and went straight to the bathroom, just like he has done in similar situations with her. It worked!! He left the bathroom without washing his hands (part of his potty routine). I let him know we were going back to wash hands and took the trains he was holding and playing with. Again, it didn't go over well but eventually worked. This ended with Judah giving me a huge hug and playing trains together.

530 pm and I had the kids fed! They sat down together for dinner. We can't do family dinners unless Scott starts going into work early. The kids love family dinners. They are a very healthy time for us as a family. We've GOT to figure that out. Tomorrow will work since he will telecommute, and the weekend is do-able as well. The rest of the week is a huge challenge we have yet to find a reasonable solution to.

Judah gets into the car at pick-up singing a song! He kept singing in the car for a lot of the ride home. Sebastian says, "Mom, Judah's singing..?" It was so funny, and great!! I'm pretty sure now that he is singing music from the Polar Express. I love how free he is with his singing. He is creative and care-free. He's also dancing a lot too. The kids all dance to the hot chocolate song on the Polar Express. Willow hears it and runs over to the living room, "ooh got it!" she says while she walks in place with her knees high and her arms moving. Judah spins and jumps. Sebastian jumps off the furniture, slides across the floor.. he looks like a break dancer in training. Scott & I dance too. It makes the dog go nuts.

I hit up the Walgreens Halloween clearance today and was able to get a lot of fun stuff for next year! 75% off!! Target costumes are also at 75%, I grabbed one or two for each kid the other day.

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