Friday, November 8, 2013

Spiderman Behavior

Judah is still singing! I was able to video him on my phone this afternoon. He really doesn't care who is listening, but he never likes being recorded on video or getting his picture taken, it doesn't matter what he is doing. So I had to sneak around the corner of the play room and make a video of him while he played trains and sang.

Sebastian was in his room for a long time today sounding out words as he wrote them down. He went through an entire drawing pad and in the end got very upset because he was never able to get the sentence right. Scott & I praised him, what an amazing effort!! He was upset also because he was now out of paper. I told him I would buy him all the paper he ever needs if he continues to work on his language skills like that! Then I gave him a big stack of paper. I also made a video of him sounding out words.

Judah said a lot of new words today and was counting quite often too. He can count up to 10 but lately has been jumping around once he gets to 5 or 6. He repeated some 2 word phrases that Sebastian said today. He has been repeating lines from his current favorite movie (the Polar Express) and getting much better at them.

The new parenting method is still going okay. Still frustrating for Judah but in the end works every time. I probably spent half an hour today getting him to go potty, then go back and finish the routine (washing his hands). But he did it. It was probably such a pain in the ass for him that I suspect he will just start doing it at some point. Right now he is testing the waters to see how long I am going to be able to do this. Sebastian and Willow are getting the same type of learning. Sebastian is in time-out more times than I can count throughout the day. He has such a hard time listening. I know he wants to but he is constantly doing things that he knows he is not supposed to do, and often directly after we tell him not to do them. Maybe time-out isn't the best method for him. This morning I woke up and he had cleaned all of the living room windows and patio door with water and paper towels. He told me that he didn't use the Windex because he knew he wasn't supposed to. He does things like that without being asked and often without even telling us he did them.

Sebastian went to school as Spiderman today. This was a clearance costume I grabbed at Target recently. His size 6 Spiderman is already too short!! Thankfully I had a size 7-8 on hand. It was only $3 at Target!! Today was "Dress Up as Someone You Admire Day". They don't get to dress up for Halloween. This is basically a day to let them do so. And they schedule it far enough away from Halloween to get away with it.

My head hurts, I'm going to bed.

Oh- I also got in the Autism Speaks iPad grant application today. It's for families that can't afford iPads, so we may not qualify. But it would be very helpful for Judah if he had one, so we had to try. I wrote them some killer essays. I hope it does something! :)

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