Monday, November 11, 2013

Starburst the Turkey

Sebastian was a new child this evening. He reminded me that he needed to do his turkey project. He really enjoyed that. We found things around the house to glue onto his turkey. He required and requested minimal help from me. His creativity blew me away. I thought he wanted to color the turkey feathers with crayons, when actually he was telling me he wanted to use different colored items from around the house to glue on the feathers. His turkey has a big glass eye, an angry bird floating above it's head, a penny in it's belly, feathers filled with spices, beads, pieces of the dog toy and more, a shiny red ribbon wrapped around it's body, and a name tag cut from a candy wrapper glued to it's forehead that reads, "Starburst". It took quite a while to get Starburst decorated. Sebastian wanted to do more but half an hour past his bedtime was all we could allow.

He also ate all of his carrots at dinner, without even being told to. Typically I can get him to take one bite of vegetables, or eat a few vegetables if we give him a "surprise". I didn't offer a surprise but I did praise him repeatedly through the evening. We decided to glue some Omega fish tablets on the turkey. They are basically fish oil shaped like fish for kids. Sebastian, again without being told, popped one in his mouth and chewed it up! I have spent MUCH time trying to get him to take vitamins. He consistently refuses, sometimes takes a tiny bite, but that's it. Like I said, he turned into a new child this evening. There was still the running everywhere & screaming, but a lot of that was just out of being happy that we were all together as a family and working together as a family.

We couldn't get Willow to eat anything but Rice Chex today. Finally after dinner Scott was able to get her to eat turkey deli meat. Again, meat saves the day for her.

Gosh, Judah just continued to astonish me all day long. All of the kids were helping me bring in the porch Halloween deco. At one point Willow was outside by herself and the front door got shut, but she didn't care. I yelled, "Willow, come inside!!" Judah goes to the door and yells, "Illo!! (and then something else)" He was clearly trying to say his sister's name. I have NEVER heard that from him before. So we go out to get her. She had left her bowl of Rice Chex on the porch. As I started to chase after her I see Judah grab her bowl and dump them into his bowl, haha. They are Rice Chex fiends. He said other brand new words throughout the day. They aren't brand new to him though, they are likely words he has been saying for a long time, we can just understand them now. He seems to be repeating us even more. He's repeating movie lines during the movie and that vocalization is definitely more clear as well. Very exciting! It's the best thing ever to hear your child of almost 4 years begin to speak. Today he said something to me and I remember thinking, I've been waiting four years for you to say something like that to me. It's hard to explain that emotion. It's overwhelming and wonderful all in the same moment.

Scott & I both took turns running to JcPenney's and doing some shopping. He had $$ left over on a gift card and we were both armed with $10 off a $25 purchase coupons. Unfortunately he only found one item and they were out of his size. I went straight to the running shoes. I haven't bought running shoes for myself in close to 10 years. New Balance shoes seem to last forever, but I definitely needed a new pair, like 5 years ago, haha. I shopped the clearance racks, which were STILL expensive, but I did find a few pairs that worked. I decided on a pair of Reeboks. There was only one pair in my size, so I was stuck with pink shoes, but they were sort of cute. They were on clearance for half off. The price? Fifty bucks! I actually remembered to look online on my phone and found the same pair on amazon for $35 AND they were a color that I liked much more. Score!! I also found three pairs of jeans that I liked. Very good shopping trip.

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