Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's hard to blog from my phone. Often the kids force us to bed early, usually by waking up and not going back down. Willow is laying in bed with me. She is suddenly peaceful here. Judah is snugly here, and Sebastian is excitement sky rocketing across the room when he is here. Mommy and Daddy's bed is a fortress they could play in forever. Ironically enough that's where they originated!

Talked with my dad on the phone today. He's leaving for KC tomorrow. He'll probably stop to see Tim, Erin and Olive and then drive on to West Plains, where he has purchased his next home. He was disappointed to hear about the IFSP, particularly because he sees Oregon as being a progressive state. I told him they have money problems, like everywhere else. When it comes to helping a little boy learn how to talk though, money shouldn't be anywhere near the vicinity of that situation!! Money problems can stop everything. They can throw us to the ground. Have you ever noticed though, that the answers, the solutions, the ways to make it a little better.. those always come from loved ones, the ones who are incapable of just walking on by. They will find a way to help you back up.

Black Friday is everywhere, slamming you in the face around every corner. Businesses take advantage, employees are forced to stay up all night.. selling blu-ray players to people at 4 in the morning. To be in it as a consumer is bizarre. Its exciting, but to find yourself in Wal-mart at 4 in the morning making what feels like a very difficult decision to fore go a shopping cart because you know that without one you may stand a chance to get through the uproar of cattle pushing their way to get closer to the teenage employee who is up at 4am in the morning waiting frightfully for the minute to hit when he must cut into the 20 layers of gigantic shrink wrap, unveiling a pile of second class blu-ray players to a salivating horde of vertebrate who are going to fight to the death to save 25 dollars. When you find yourself in that pact.. well that's the exciting part (at the time). The bizarre part is, of course, what just happened. It is something you will never truthfully share with anyone except the person you went with. Black Friday then becomes a dirty little secret. One year later though, it will feel completely worth it to enter back into the herd and fight to the death for a blender. It's some kind of really unexplainable phenomenon. Its not just nutty people who do this, its everyone, all walks of life. The only thing I can see to compare it to is addiction.

Judah's ringworm is gone. His new doctor checked him today, gave us instructions on how to care for his rash, which is halfway down his leg now. She gave us other advice to help him too. Sebastian has hand, mouth foot virus. It started about 3 days ago. He goes up and down throughout the day. I give him ibuprofen - he usually needs it twice a day. He has bumps on his hands and feet and pain in his mouth. He gets very tired and very sad that it hurts to eat. I've got to look for some medicine that could help his mouth. Judah hasn't been feeling well tonight. He was laying on the couch, he let me know (I think) that the inside of his upper lip was hurting. Gave him Tylenol. High temp and trouble sleeping too.

Judah has been following direction and vocalizing a lot. He was "scripting" Wubzy, his new favorite, and the words coming out of his mouth were sometimes crystal clear. I'm watching miracles, hearing miracles.. He is working very hard. He is getting very close to being able to dress himself completely, socks and shirt over head are the only 2 that challenge him. We haven't worked on those much though. Robin was right, if he knows I'm not going to do it for him like he is used to, then eventually he will do it. TWICE today I told him it was time to potty and he went on his own. One of those times he was kicking and screaming on the floor for a loooong time. I left to use the other bathroom and when I came back he was on the potty, calmly and quietly doing his business. The other time he also did it when I wasn't in the bathroom. We are learning!!!

Chicken Kiev and gluten-free cake for Thanksgiving tomorrow - gluten free is progressive dad, we are doing our part!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Get rested up for Black Friday. And keep it to yourself for Pete's sake!!!

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