Sunday, November 24, 2013

How Many Stars Would You Give It?

Well, now we know what "skinny jeans" for boys are. I had asked the lady before we bought them and she had not described them accurately at all. Who knew they made skinny jeans for boys?! Sebastian's little legs look like rods flying through the house, bolting off of couches and chasing after siblings. Nice jeans for the price ($4 each), but man they make his legs look funny. He's shooting up, he'll outgrow them or wear holes in the knees in no time anyway (do all boys constantly manage to do this??!), so it doesn't really matter. They are a means to keeping him clothed. But at least now I know what "skinny jeans" (appropriately named!!) for boys are. I have a flying visual.

I couponed my butt off this morning. Walgreens & Rite-aid are my couponing stores of choice. We now have laundry stain remover to last us for some time.  I was also able to score some free multi-vitamins & made money off buying a gift card to the movies. We are hoping to see Hunger Games part 2 soon. Is it any good??? How many stars would you give it?

The sweet potato chips with ridges are the bomb. Judah & I love them. And they are gluten-free! Unfortunately after we had both had a few handfuls I wasn't looking and he dumped the ENTIRE BAG on the kitchen floor. Things like this don't phase Scott & I anymore.


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