Sunday, November 17, 2013

Car Accident

Some bad news today.. Scott was in a car wreck. He is okay. He called me crying, apologizing, saying he had just totalled our new car, as if that was the most important matter. The past 2 nights I've had dreams of Scott & I going through a divorce. Of course dreams feel real first thing in the morning. I awoke to Sebastian's voice this morning and immediately tried to piece together where I was, if I was at my place or Scott's. Reality finally hit and life was good again. A car wreck this afternoon affirms that even more, the impact the cars had was nowhere near the impact of the message exposed to us - remember what is important in life.

Tonight we are hard at work on preparations for Judah's meeting. The kids spent lots of time with Gramma & Papa today. Willow swept their kitchen. Sebastian rode down their stairs on a pillow. Judah said "thank you" very clearly when I told him "thank you" for handing me his dvd in it's case.

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