Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spanish Speaking Parents

Fortunately it wasn't the most eventful day today. Willow & I awoke early. I did some couponing online.

Sebastian went to a birthday party at a gymnastics center today. Scott took him. Sebastian was very excited about the gymnast who went upside-down! He's been to one other party at a gymnastics center. They are pretty awesome for kids. The kids can put all of their energy into one huge enclosed area filled with gym mats, trampolines, balance bars and more. The staff usually lead them into games or fun exercises that the entire group can do together.

Scott said there were parents who just dropped their kids and left. Are we at that age already??

The interesting thing about this birthday party was that many of the parents there spoke Spanish. Scott now believes that most of the kids in Sebastian's class have at least one parent who speaks Spanish. We thought most of them did not have the Spanish language in their immediate family. We figured the parents were putting their kids there for the same reasons we are - kids pick up language easier when they are young, culture is learned and it will be advantageous for them in the near future. But apparently these kids are on the inside track! They have the good fortune of being in the Spanish speaking environment at home and at school. This will help Sebastian as these kids may pick it up more easily and he can learn from them. Scott or myself need to take some Spanish classes. Taking the classes will be fun, finding the time and money will be strenuous. Sebastian is already passing me by. By 1st grade I won't have a clue what he is saying.

Judah is still repeating words we say and singing. Scott was trying to get him to bed tonight and Judah was just singing away, haha.

Willow is still repeating words and wants to be held by Mommy 89% of the day. The other percent she is napping.

We are trying to come up with a consequence other than time-out for Sebastian. Time-out no longer works for him. We are going to first change the time-out location. If that doesn't work we will get more creative.

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