Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diaper Absurdness!

Seriously 8 cents a diaper, Huggies.  I've put couponing on the back burner because it is so time-consuming. The goal now is to use as little time as possible, pursuing ONLY the deals on items we need & use often. And the deals must be good. I don't even do the freebies anymore - no wasting time.

I assumed I was just sleep-deprived & doing the math completely wrong when I found the diaper deal online last night. I did it over & over.. still coming up with an unbelievable deal. I've never found diapers that cheap & I've done many, many diaper deals. The weird thing is that it was at Fred Meyer's of all places. Freddy's is anything but cheap. The even WEIRDER thing was that there was still a very full stock of diapers when I arrived (an hour after the store opened) & I didn't see anyone with diapers in their cart. Maybe I was just dreaming this all up.

Gluten is out! Scott cleaned out cabinets & made shelves in the deep freezer & fridge of foods we can no longer touch. Then he shopped for hours finding new foods to fill our cupboards. Willow & Sebastian enjoyed gluten-free cheese pizza tonight while Judah had tons of gluten-free chicken nuggets & gluten-free tortilla chips. We all had gluten-free pancakes for breakfast.

Sebastian, Judah, Mom & Dave worked on weeding the garden today. They had piles taller than Sebastian when they were done. The boys got nice & muddy. Sebastian was extremely proud of their work. I think I had to go see it 7 times.

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