Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adventures With the Grandkids

Today's blog, courtesy of Gramma.
Yesterday, Sebastian, Judah, and Willow spent some time with Gram and Papa. It was a great day! Sebastian and Judah went with us to Bauman's. Judah started the trip by singing and talking in the car all the way. Papa and Sebastian were joking and laughing and when I looked in the back seat, Judah was smiling and enjoying the banter as well. When we arrived, I was getting Judah out of his seat and figured I'd have a challenge getting him to leave his movie in the car but when I asked him to put it on Sebastian's empty seat, reassuring him we'd get it when we got back, he put it down and made no fuss. Inside, we enjoyed all the holiday decorations. Judah loved the lights and Christmas ornaments, and the big plastic blow up Santa that waved at him. I was a little worried that he'd want to take the decorations off the tree but he just touched them and showed his enjoyment. No fuss. He clung to Papa like glue while Sebastian and I toured the store. Outside, on the playground, there was quite a crowd of kids of all ages. Two teen boys with Down's syndrome, along with their younger brother and sister who also were special kids romped around. Judah got into the rolling tube with one of the big kids who was very sweet to him and the younger brother. He actually stayed in the tube, squeezed between the two boys and laughed as Papa rolled them along. Sebastian loves the tube but usually Judah only wants to push or chase it. He also climbed all the way up the big tire structure and got in the top level with the help of his new friends. He was so pleased.I've not seen him interact so well socially, ever. He seemed more agile, today, too. Didn't stumble but once and didn't need much assistance.
Sebastian was off to the teeter totter with Papa. Judah wanted a turn and hopped on. He and Sebastian went up and down by themselves. This is another first for Judah. He held on and laughed, even when Sebastian bounced him a little.
We did our usual going down the slides and tubes in the fort but today, Judah went down the big tube by himself several times. He climbed the wooden stairs without assistance and played hard. He would go down the tube and wait for Sebastian to follow, gently bumping into him. They had fun!
Next stop, Target. While Sebastian and Gram hunted for money jars to replace his old one, Judah and Papa walked around behind us. Judah followed Papa's directions when he asked him not to pick up some of the merchandise (toys). Normally, he gets angry but today, he just touched things and put them back when asked. Papa would say, "No, take my hand," and he'd follow along just fine. We hunted all over the store for the money jars and found them, with the help of a nice clerk, in men's clothing! Sebastian wondered why they'd put money jars there. Me, too! I looked back and Judah was getting a shoulder ride and giggling.He's been very happy all day.
Next stop, Willow's house. Willow was all ready to go with us, after her nap, for playtime at Gram and Papa's, dinner, and bath. She talked all the way over, maybe trying to keep up with Sebastian who was entertaining us with the Spanish ABC song and various jokes. At one point he called Papa, "a stick in the mud," and then asked, "what's a stick in the mud, Papa?" Ha! His Spanish is really coming along. He overhead some people in Target speaking Spanish and immediately went into this sort of code switching where he tries to speak in Spanish, making up some of the words but not all. He has the lilt and sense of how the language sounds.
At home, Sebastian and Gram did a little reading. Alexander's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day was a hit. We also read Dia Feliz in Spanish. Sebastian wants to read but needs more practice stretching out the sounds and use of predictable text. I hope we can find some time to work on that regularly.
Judah played trains upstairs and Willow rode the Ladybug Scooter. She saw it when she came in and said with great excitement, "scooter!" Judah and Sebastian helped Papa with the usual outdoor chores and then Judah played on the train table. He started to throw the trains at one point but when Papa asked him not to do that, he paused a minute and stopped. He's crossed some milestone that I can't quite describe in his behavior. When he had to go potty he held himself, trying to tell Papa and they went to the potty and he went. He had not wet his diaper at all. I think he's starting to control himself and is wanting to potty. He did all of his usual emptying the potty, hand washing, flushing, etc. with no fuss and headed back to play.
Willow wanted to get the tea set out and Judah, instead of messing up her tea party, helped her "pour" tea and played with her. He really did well which was exciting to see.
Dinner was a hit with everyone, except maybe Willow, who wasn't too hungry, or maybe wanted to do everything herself? We tried a booster seat for her since she doesn't like the high chair anymore but Sebastian warned us, "she won't like it, Gram." He was right. I was trying to help her with her waffle and she pushed me away and said, "no!" She wanted to do it herself. She also signed for more milk. She's really got some language work going on!
Sebastian had gluten free waffles and Judah had GF nuggets and a ton of other stuff. He seemed really hungry. Willow had some cheese and waffle but wouldn't even eat applesauce. She snacked, though. Such a tiny tummy. While Sebastian finished eating, she, Judah, and Sebastian gathered around the iPad to watch the weather channel on Papa's lap. Volcanoes and tornadoes kept everyone mesmerized. A couple of other behavior things: When Papa told Judah (and Willow) not to touch the iPad, they both obeyed with no fuss. Willow, later, likes to tease me and managed to turn on the dishwasher. I keep telling her it's a "no no" and she thinks I'm pretty funny but she understands. I think she understands most everything she hears. Judah tried to turn the dishwasher on, too, and when I said, "no," he stopped. No fuss. Usually it takes a few tries and redirections to something else. Not last night.
I've discovered Willow loves her bath. Tonight she played in the water a long time with the tub toys while Sebastian got his weekly soak in the jetted tub while Judah looked on with interest but will have nothing to do with the tub. When Papa asked Judah to take his clothes off so we could get pajamas on, he did it without assistance! Willow walked up to Judah later with his toothbrush in hand, hers in the other and said, "Judah! Brush teeth!" She misses nothing!
Sebastian talked a lot today about school and his friends. He also is showing interest in photographs and wants Gram to take a lot more for him so he can fill up his photo book. I heard him ask Scott when we took him home if he would set out his bag of coins so he could fill up his money jar early in the morning. He gets up before anyone to do projects and "clean." He sang his cleaning song to us on the way home. Such a treasure.
So, it was a good day. Papa said, and I agree, "it was Judah's best day ever."

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